Escape into Diptyque Paris’ world of luxury through the doors of its New York store

Escape into Diptyque Paris’ world of luxury through the doors of its New York store

by Robyn Pullen
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Luxury perfumery, Diptyque Paris, has taken a trip across the pond this week to unveil the redesign of its most significant retail location in the United States to date. Based on Madison Avenue in Manhattan, New York, Diptyque’s newly redesigned flagship store exudes the grandeur of its Parisian home, only updated for the streets of the vibrant American city.

The newly reopened flagship store is intended to be a sensory escape from the bustling streets of the Big Apple, featuring 2,100 square feet of architectural excellence, created with the support of designers and artisans including Kelly Wearstler and Studio Vitrail, among others. 

So let’s escape into Diptyque’s Madison Avenue flagship with Julien Gommichon, President of Americas at Diptyque Paris, and hear the sources of inspiration for the store’s iconic architecture, experience the scents and sensations that will welcome you into the space, and be transported into the luxury world of Diptyque. 

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It sometimes feels like the in-person shopping experience is being replaced with online shopping as technology evolves. Why do you think keeping physical, brick and mortar stores alive, and keeping the in-person shopping experience enjoyable and personable is important?

We are an omnichannel business, and e-commerce and in-store experiences both play an important role for Diptyque. With that said, the reopening of a flagship like Madison Avenue plays an important strategic role for us, enabling us to create meaningful client experiences, strengthen our client relationships, build brand loyalty and also hear directly from our clients.

The new Madison flagship is the largest Diptyque store in the US and is an extraordinary client experience – we encourage our clients to spend time with us and take a journey of the imagination. From home decor to personal fragrance, you are able to experience every aspect of the brand. Every detail was carefully curated from the architecture, to the interiors, to the product displays, with inspiration taken from our first boutique at 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris, as well as New York City’s architectural codes, from places like Grand Central and Old City Hall stations.

With this transformation we bring Diptyque’s brand journey to life and put exceptional client experiences at the centre of everything we do. It’s a destination devoted to our current customers as well as a point of discovery for the new.

What would you say is your favourite feature of the newly opened Diptyque Madison Avenue boutique in New York?

It’s hard to pick just one favourite feature of the Diptyque Flagship on Madison, because there are so many. The design, inspired by the charming interiors of a Parisian apartment, creates a warm, welcoming and inviting space to explore and discover our many collections.

We have some beautiful hand-painted artwork in the boutique that makes the space incredibly special. Throughout the space, we feature stunning artwork by Redfield & Dattner. The stained-glass windows near the entrance are also something to be admired. Developed in collaboration with Studio Vitrail and Bryce Bianconi, they are inspired by the Diptyque archives in Paris and bring such a magical touch both in the space and from the outside looking in.

Offering a luxury client experience is central to everything that we do as a brand, and offering a deep level of personalised products. Diptyque is a destination for gifting, and the level of personalization that we offer helps our clients make their gifts extra special and one-of-a-kind. We offer signature gift wrapping, product engraving, embossing, fragrance refills, and one-on-one fragrance consultations – these are all important components of the Diptyque experience.

Not only are they adding an extra special touch to their gifts, but we are also enabling them to create memorable and emotional connections with the gift recipients and truly gift something with deep sentimental value. 

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Why do you think it’s so important that Diptyque’s stores create the sense of an escape, a place outside of our everyday lives?

In this fast pace of everyday life, Diptyque stores offer a moment to pause, and time to wander into an immersive space where aesthetics, craftsmanship, design, and exquisite objects transport you to an imaginary place – a place for storytelling.

Creating an escape and celebrating the wandering imagination is at the core of Diptyque as a brand, and these pillars are at the forefront when it comes to designing our boutiques. We want you to be immersed in the world of Diptyque when you enter, and let the fragrances transport and inspire you. 

How do you think this is kept in mind when designing the interior of the boutique?

The design of this space was also inspired by the architectural codes of New York including Grand Central and Old City Hall stations, two of the city’s iconic buildings, now symbols of the art of travel. The flagship echoes the founding spirit of our mythical first boutique at 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris and the Diptyque archives.

The brands’ founders drew inspiration from their travels all over the world and those adventures have made their way into every aspect of our brand – from our boutique design to our fragrances – and allow us to pay tribute to the founders of the brand.

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How do you think Diptyque’s quintessentially French aesthetic translates into the streets of New York City?

Entering the Flagship on Madison Avenue is like entering a light and airy Parisian apartment. However, we also bring in local touches to each of our boutiques, including incorporating local designers. We bring in local elements into all of our store designs as well. In the Madison Flagship, the mirror on our fireplace mantle is by American designer Michael Javidi Design, based in Greenport, NY.

We made sure that Diptyque’s Parisian roots play a role in the design of the boutique, and while we drew inspiration from New York City, the charming interiors for which Paris is renowned can be found all throughout the store within the decor and furnishings.

What’s your personal favourite Diptyque scent?

Orphéon is my personal favourite Diptyque fragrance and 34, a scent that celebrates Diptyque’s first boutique on 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain. Orphéon Eau de Parfum is a tribute to the jazz club that was next door to that same boutique. It’s an olfactory portrait of a legendary bar where the founders of Diptyque loved to get together – amid curls of tobacco smoke, powdery trails of blusher and burnished wood.

Finally, is there anything else on the horizon for Diptyque that you’re looking forward to in 2024?

We have some very exciting new launches, coming up across a few categories that we can’t wait to share with everyone, as well as some new stores in new markets in the US and Canada.

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If you’re lucky enough to be based in or visiting New York City, make sure to take a peek inside Diptyque’s redesigned Madison Avenue store, and escape into Diptyque Paris’s world of luxury fragrances. And for those of us not venturing into the Big Apple any time soon, you can find all of Diptyque’s products available on the brand’s website, perfect for Christmas gifting or just a personal treat.

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