Pepsi Max has just made Jack Grealish its latest brand ambassador 

Pepsi Max has just made Jack Grealish its latest brand ambassador 

by Ollie Cox
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Pepsi Max has announced Manchester City ace and England star Jack Grealish as its latest global brand ambassador. As part of the role, Grealish, whose floppy hair and footballing skills grip the nation each week, will take centre stage in Pepsi’s soon-to-be-announced global football campaign. 

As part of Pepsi Max’s latest football initiative, the worldwide beverage brand will build on its approach to the beautiful game to create unrivalled experiences for fans. Jack Grealish will be joining a belter roster of recognised footballing talent, including Vinicius Jr., Son Heung-min, and Leah Williamson.

All four players will appear in Pepsi’s upcoming advertising campaign, which will see Jack and Pepsi bring even more joy into the nation’s most popular sport. Jack shared what it meant to be a part of the project. “I’m buzzing to partner with Pepsi Max as a global brand ambassador. Pepsi Max has a great heritage working with the biggest names in world football, and I’m excited to join their mission to unlock enjoyment for football fans around the world and encourage everyone to play the beautiful game!”

Pepsi has a long history of working with some of the best in the sport, with past campaigns featuring legends such as David Beckham, Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba and Ronaldinho, and we can’t wait to see how Jack Grealish and Pepsi can work together. Known for its ability to bring footballing greats together, Pepsi’s campaigns speak to fans in the universal language of goalscoring goodness. 

Grealish and Pepsi have signed a multi-year partnership that will help worldwide fans get even more out of the campaign. Eric Melis, VP of Global Brand Marketing for Carbonated Soft Drinks at PepsiCo, sees Jack Grealish as the perfect addition to Pepsi’s football presence. “Jack is renowned worldwide for his incredible football skills and the enjoyment he takes from the game. We celebrate those who personify our attitude on and off the pitch and can’t wait for him to support us in bringing more enjoyment to football fans around the world as part of the Pepsi Max family.”

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