CELINE’s Zouzou fragrance is soft, sexy, and sixties inspired

CELINE’s Zouzou fragrance is soft, sexy, and sixties inspired

by Robyn Pullen
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CELINE’s new fragrance, ‘Zouzou,’ just entered the scene in a cloud of tonka bean, patchouli, vanilline, and musk. The latest addition to the CELINE Haute Parfumerie, joining the eleven luxury fragrances already within the collection, is ‘Zouzou,’ Hedi Slimane’s tribute to the sylph-like heroine’s of the ‘60s. 

As is the case with all of CELINE’s scents, ‘Zouzou’ takes root in Creative Director Hedi Slimane’s olfactory journal, touching upon themes of youth, life, and character. The character in particular that ‘Zouzou’ takes inspiration from is one that exists against the nostalgic backdrop of the 1960s. 


As Hedi Slimane noted in his Olfactory Journal, “I called my new perfume for CELINE ‘Zouzou,’ an affectionate and child-like nickname that appeared in the last century to describe a young woman with short hair.” Think Twiggy, Mia Farrow, or Jane Birkin, strolling through the streets of Paris and leaving the scent of ‘Zouou’ behind as they go.

Drawing from the image of 60’s icons – the fresh faced, delicate, and mischievous-looking heroines of the era – Hedi Slimane’s ‘Zouzou’ embodies their lively, spirited personalities through a bend of soft, sweet, seductive notes. Caramel overtones blend with woody benzoin, powdery vanilla, and sweet tonka bean, elevated by the undertones of amber and musk which add a smokey depth.

‘Zouzou’s campaign video, directed by Hedi Slimane, encapsulates the pouting muse behind the fragrance itself through its star, young British-American actress and musician, Esther Rose McGregor. With a cropped, blond haircut and ‘60s style liner, McGregor moves to the soundtrack of The Kingsmen’s track “Louis Louis,” holding ‘Zouzou’s luxurious, weighty glass bottle.

Within the range of scents part of the CELINE Haute Parfumerie, ‘Zouzou’ falls in the category of fragrances “for the day,” due to its light, sweet, and delicate notes.  Described as “a fragrant portrait of youth,” ‘Zouzou’ is designed to dust the collarbones of the Parisian ‘60s heroines who embody youthfulness and fun.

To become the embodiment of CELINE’s ‘Zouzou’ woman yourself, keep an eye out for the fragrance which will be launching in June 2024. 

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