HUGO BLUE hit up Berlin for an all denim, all star launch event

HUGO BLUE hit up Berlin for an all denim, all star launch event

by Robyn Pullen
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Following the release of HUGO BLUE’s debut campaign last week, featuring the likes of Vinnie Hacker, Teezo Touchdown, and Jasmine Jobson, the brand hit up the city of Berlin for its exclusive launch event this week. HUGO BLUE invited us to check out its new collection and party at the Wilhelm Hallen warehouse event with its community of changemakers. Here’s what went down.

On Wednesday night, HUGO’s new line tailored towards the social generation of changemakers in fashion right now, HUGO BLUE invited said changemakers to Berlin for a launch event that was decked out in denim. With over 1000 people on the guestlist, the venue was packed out with familiar faces, including German rapper Reezy, British actor Jasmine Jobson, and Grammy-nominated songwriter and rapper Swae Lee who also put on an iconic performance in front of the crowd.

The event was in celebration of HUGO BLUE’s first collection, a casual range of denim and streetwear pieces in gender-neutral styles, and even invited guests to have their own HUGO BLUE tote bags and jackets customised by hand. The event’s dedicated customisation zone featured local artists Rafaella Braga and Max Teutsch who added personalised touches to the pieces, from jewellery to airbrushing, and even iron-on HUGO BLUE flower badges, with VIP-exclusive badges featuring an integrated NFC chip.

Whilst the event set out to immerse us in the HUGO BLUE universe in real time, it also invited fans of the brand from across the globe to step into PLANET HUGO, an ecosystem of interconnected experiences on Roblox. The brand’s first two 3D environments actually debuted at the launch event in a gaming zone especially designed for entering the immersive spaces. HUGO HANGOUT (a shopping experience within the Roblox world) and HUGO FASHION MATCH (a digital mirror of the launch event itself, with scavenger hunts and an “obby” or obstacle course) were joined by players both from the event and all over the world.

Combining gaming culture with style, music, and art, HUGO BLUE’s launch event in Berlin transported its community of fashion-loving changemakers into the denim universe of its new line. The creative freedom to mix, match, and style every piece from HUGO BLUE’s new collection in personalised and unique ways was evident through the sea of guests decked out in HUGO BLUE looks, but all styled completely differently. Basically, from the launch event to the collection itself, HUGO BLUE is living by its own slogan: #HUGOYourWay.

Hit up HUGO’s website to find the new HUGO BLUE collection.

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