Holzweiler Fall/Winter 2024 gave us big puffers for days

Holzweiler Fall/Winter 2024 gave us big puffers for days

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The Scandi brand Holzweiler is back in London after its debut runway show last season, for a Fall/Winter 2024 sophomore collection titled “Mycelia.”

The show took place on day three of London Fashion Week, and unlike last last, the Norwegian fashion house took it indoors at the Tate Britain. Holzweiler shared to its Instagram a few hours before the show started: “When scouting for locations for our show, we were struck by an artwork displayed at Tate Britain; Anya Gallaccio’s ‘Preserve Beauty’ – a study on the different stages of life in nature.”

This idea of growth through nature ties in perfectly with the collection’s title, “Mycelia,” referring to the structure of fungus which allows for nutrients to travel throughout the fungal body, showing up as a mass of tiny little branches. In many ways, the FW24 show represented that, both visually and metaphorically.

The show kick-started with Kelvin Krash, the British music producer whose portfolio of work includes the names of A$AP Rocky and Swedish House Mafia, dressed in a big puffer – many more of those to come. Walking out in silence, Krash signalled more than just the beginning of the show, having produced the soundtrack for this show, merging soothing sounds with palpitating pulsing beats.

A series of oversized white knit jackets took over the runway, with extended sleeves. Some sweaters featured different types of knits throughout, creating references for us non-scientific, fashion-focused bunch to understand. We also saw a multi-coloured muffler scarf (all hand-knitted and sold by the metre, by the way), with a series of extensive thread-like pieces falling down on the model’s body, quite literally referencing mycelia.

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It wasn’t just mushrooms that Holzweiler took inspiration from. Nature at large became a key source of inspiration, with the brand keeping in touch with its earthy colour palette. Dirt brown took over long skirts and dresses while daisy-yellow on fur-lined bell-shaped hats.

The Norwegian brand nodded to its home country not only visually, through a series of deep-grey looks reminiscent of the Northern skies during this time of the year, but also through its emphasis on a slow-pace life – always a breath of fresh air both in the bustling city of London and during the high-intensity fashion week.

We told you there’d be more puffers, so here we go. A uniform to explore the Norwegian territory, this season puffers were though of stylistically, rather than functionally – although we’re sure one quick zip-up and they’d be as practical as you’d want them to be. On grey-coloured off-the-should puffer acted almost like a dainty cardigan, if it weren’t so bulk, while one oversized, floor length puffer gave us big blanket vibes, as if falling on concrete-hard flooring would still make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud.

With two runway shows now under its belt, Holzweiler continues to grow, just like mycelia, venturing into new avenues and pushing its own boundaries as a brand set for global recognition.

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