Hellstar fans f*cked sh*t up on its latest drop

 Hellstar fans f*cked sh*t up on its latest drop

by Ollie Cox
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Born in lockdown and the brainchild of graphic designer Sean Holland, Hellstar has experienced a meteoric rise since its 2020 launch. 

With a unique concept centred around the prospect of Earth being a place of hell where its inhabitants are stars, Hellstar has taken the streetwear world by storm. Holland is the child of a pastor, weaving a Christian message into his logoed clobber. 

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While a relatively new addition to the streetwear world, this hasn’t stopped the label from amassing a swarm of followers. Releasing graphic-heavy garms in extremely limited capsule collections has led to a high demand for the sell-out designs. 

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As eager fans awaited the next drop, Holland stoked the fires on Adam 22’s No Jumper podcast, announcing another collection was set to drop in July. Serving as a call to action, Hellstar’s army of followers gathered in a cult-like fashion. Ahead of the drop, the hype was too much for some die-hard fans as they took to Reddit threads for the low-down on how to get their hands on the sought-after pieces. 

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True to his word, Holland released the latest collection three days ago, sending the internet ape sh*t as the full force of Hellstar’s following was unleashed. The streetwear label sold over $2 million of stock in 1 hour, crashing the site in the process. 

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One of the reasons behind the brand’s success is its popularity with rappers. Webpage What’s On The Star documents the brands worn by hip-hop artists among other famous wearers, regularly featuring Hellstar on its page. A favourite of Young Thug, Metro Boomin, Da Baby and Gunna, it’s no surprise the brand has achieved wide-reaching success. 

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Early in the brand’s history, hip-hop artist Ken Carson featured in a campaign for the label. In 2021, Sean Holland extended his hip-hop reach, as he was tasked with producing tour merchandise for Metro Boomin, which sold out instantly and can now be found on reselling sites such as Grailed. If its latest drop is anything to go by, Hellstar is a force to be reckoned with. 

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