Harri SS24 went large on the latex

Harri SS24 went large on the latex

by Ollie Cox
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For SS24, Harri merged fashion with performance as it played with proportion. The collection drew inspiration from revered sculptors Isamu Noguchi and Peter Shelton, as it rode the line of contradiction. 

Flute music flooded the room as a model had their hair gelled into a single spike. A cropped white blazer was worn over the top of a dress in the same hue, which extended to bulbous proportions at the hip. On foot, models wore shoes that resembled gloves, with space for individual toes. 

The all-white palette continued as models wore white leggings with shimmering shirts. Next, we saw iridescent overcoats, which reflected in the bright lights of the New Gen space. The lustrous looks continued into dresses paired with rubber shoes. Relaxed tailoring also sashayed into the display, which rested against its wearer’s body. 

The show aimed to fuse the ‘body natural’ with the ‘body latex’, which used the human make-up as the springboard for experimentation in a collection that moulded texture and form with a focus on movement. 

The briefly traditional runway display quickly ended as models broke into dance, dressed in latex outfits of hyper-extended proportions. One look consisted of black billowing trousers and was thrust to the audience’s attention as the clothing cartwheeled from one end of the catwalk to the other before being joined by another model, dressed in a white tank and trousers exaggerated at the hip, with the two models dancing together. 

Shortly afterwards, a model, dressed in a black cropped blazer and corresponding pants, joined the duo and danced to finish the energetic display. Next, lime green tailoring with bulging shoulders went down the runway, complemented by skirts in the same vibrant colour. The show returned to business with black two-pieces, finished with cropped, flared trousers. 

Harri is a brand that explores sculpture and craftsmanship, known for its boundary-pushing designs, and has struck a chord with fans, including Sam Smith. For SS24 it put on a display, hammering home fashion as an art form and remaining true to the brand’s ethos of fusing sculpture and fashion. It played with texture, proportion and movement in a way that went beyond clothing and into performance. 

You can take a look at the Harri show above. More fashion week content can be found across Tik Tok and Instagram

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