Culted community talks: 2024’s first controversy, Gypsy Rose

Culted community talks: 2024’s first controversy, Gypsy Rose

by Robyn Pullen
3 min

From serving time to serving c*nt, Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s already one of the most iconic figures of 2024, and it’s not even been a week. How? With the help of the unhinged nature of social media, of course. From Justin Bieber to the yodelling supermarket boy, the internet has a certain knack for finding people it thinks are funny, talented, or simply iconic and launching them into viral status overnight. Who’d have thought Gypsy Rose Blanchard would be next?

Since her release from prison less than a week ago, she’s gained over 12 million followers across TikTok and Instagram, a verified tick, and arguably become the new year’s first meme. When we posted a photoshopped picture of Gypsy Rose modelling for Heaven by Marc Jacobs (sadly it’s not real) yesterday on TikTok, which gained 35k views in less than a day, our community had a lot to say about it.

Whilst there are plenty of comments like “I WANT THE HEAVN PHOTOSHOOT GYPSY” (@aindeigh) or “@GQ photo shoot with this diva pleaaaaase” (@ecl_paka), not everyone seems to be here for Gypsy Rose’s TikTok takeover. Some users were commenting things like “????” or “Please no she’s still a murderer” (@bleu..4), and honestly, they are right. It seems the majority of social media have just decided they’re OK with that.

In her defence, user @ssynthesize commented under our post about Gypsy’s rise to fame that, “Everyone is acting like they wouldn’t use their exposure to become rich and famous too 😭 let her get that bag”. And let’s be real, most influencers would kill to gain over 6 million TikTok followers in a matter of days.

It’s true that Gypsy Rose should probably be using this time immediately after being released from prison to get into therapy and start healing from her past, but how many of us would take therapy over becoming internet famous? Be honest. As @noreenbean puts it “She’s living tiger kings dream”. 

Whether you’re here for Gypsy Rose Blanchard becoming 2024’s first viral influencer or want to put a stop to this before she’s cast for a real Heaven campaign, it seems she doesn’t have plans to go anywhere.

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