From food fights to Fake Moss, here’s FW24’s best stunts

From food fights to Fake Moss, here’s FW24’s best stunts

by Robyn Pullen
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Anyone who loves fashion will tell you that they come for the clothes and stay for the clothes, but the reality is you’re lying if you say you don’t sometimes come (and stay) for the stunts. Viral moments, or stunts, on the runway at Fashion Weeks have transformed in the era of social media from unplanned accidents (like models falling or shoes breaking) into something premeditated and carefully curated, specifically with the intent of filling your feeds for weeks, months, and even years after the show’s ended.

Designers don’t even try to deny that their runway stunts are pre-planned with almost as much attention to detail as their collections. As Christian Cowan, the designer behind the black furball dress at his Spring 2024 show which got lost on the runway, told us: “It was designed with social media in mind, I wanted to create a piece that left people guessing. Was the ball meant to get lost? Could she see? Why is it a ball?” So, knowing the thought, time, and effort that goes into brands’ stunts, let’s have a moment for our favourites at FW24.

AVAVAV armed its audience with trash

First on our list is obviously AVAVAV. The Swedish label has already become known for inventing a new and unique stunt at every opportunity, with previous shows involving models tumbling to the floor and running angrily up the runway, so we knew the brand would serve us a stunt worth watching at FW24. What we didn’t expect was for AVAVAV to put its models in the firing line of a dumpster dive. Arming audience members with armfuls of eggs, fruit, discarded cans and other miscellaneous trash items, we saw models pelted with the stuff, almost slipping on some of it as they walked. Whilst this was undeniably an unforgettable moment and one that dominated our socials for a while, we’re beginning to worry about AVAVAV’s models.

Diesel dialled us into a Zoom call
Diesel ©

Stepping into Diesel’s FW24 show space was like joining the Zoom call to end all Zoom calls. Screens displaying real-life audience members live-streaming the Diesel show were littered throughout the space, with a few thousand digital invitees not only watching the show from home but actually making up the show space. The aspect of this intriguing decor that captured our attention was that not everyone had their cameras off in typical Zoom fashion. In fact, some people had used their digital seats to dress up in unusual fits and even invite their pets to sit in front of the camera. One screen actually showcased a bug-eyed, green alien watching the Diesel show.

Drones and smoke machines were at Mugler

Mugler’s FW24 show was a show if we’ve ever seen one. With billowing curtains, smoke machines, flashing lights, and cameras at every angle, Mugler’s physical audience came second to its digital one, which was treated to a cinematic watching experience. With drones following models on the runway as they were revealed from clouds of smoke and behind flying velvet curtains, the theatrics put on by the likes of Alex Consani, Precious Lee, Paloma Elsesser and more almost distracted from Mugler’s collection itself.

Christian Cowan put tech on the runway

Christian Cowan – the same designer whose giant furball look blindly walked into Sam Smith at SS23 – angled for a more technological stunt this season. Utilising the interactive tech developed as part of adobe’s Project Primrose, Cowan’s final look at FW24 was a dress designed from over 1000 laser-cut polymer pieces that each moved independently to create the illusion that the dress was alive. Concealing a flexible circuit board beneath each row of petals, the dress was a blend of technology and couture. Whether you call it a stunt or a step into the future is up to you.

Fake Moss walked for Marine Serre 
Marine Serre ©

Watching Marine Serre FW24 was an emotional rollercoaster: one minute we were watching in awe at Kate Moss walking in her first show of the season, and the next we were realising “…wait, that’s not Kate Moss.” Wearing Look 9 in Marine Serre’s collection, “Fake Moss” appeared on the runway in a leather jacket and trouser set detailed with the brand’s iconic moon-print monogram. Shrouded in smoke, it wasn’t immediately obvious that she wasn’t the supermodel, but as scepticism began to circulate online it became apparent: we’d been tricked. To be fair to Marine Serre, this was a pretty iconic stunt; we’re just not sure how Kate Moss feels about it.

Featured image via Marine Serre ©

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