Drake’s For All The Dogs marketing scheme is honestly wild

Drake’s For All The Dogs marketing scheme is honestly wild

by Juliette Eleuterio
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At this point, Drake is one of the biggest artists of our generation. Him telling us he’s coming out with an album would be enough marketing to get that album at the top of the charts as soon as it comes out. But instead, Drake is doing the most to promote For All The Dogs.

The upcoming album was first teased in January of this year, when Drake was performing at the Apollo Theatre and said he “might get bored” and release another album, only two months after his and 21 Savage’s Her Loss had come out. Then, Drake released a poetry book (yep, but don’t hold your breath for some T.S. Elliot literature because it’s definitely not that) which contained a QR code confirming the release of his next album.

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Album marketing strategies are nothing new – remember how in 2014 Wu-Tang Clan created just one version of its 31-track album The Wu – Once Upon a Time in the Shaolin and it toured art galleries, creating swarms of fans eager to listen to the new music. It was a genius move that created so much buzz and, by the time the tour ended, the album sold for $5 million, making it the most expensive piece of music ever. Drake’s marketing, on the other hand, is a bit more… random?

First of all, that poetry book was so out of pocket. Typing out the words “You’re not thugging, you’re kidding / One sided beef is not beef… it’s chicken” and being like “yep, that’s getting printed” is something only Drake could and would do. But hey, it worked because the book was an instant sell out and Drake is now the new Rupi Kaur.

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And that’s barely scratching the surface on the wild sh*t we’ve seen come from Drake this past year. The rapper has been on his It’s All A Blur tour for the past month and just with that his name has been popping up on headlines everywhere. When in L.A. he asked the crowd to “keep their bras on” and in Chicago he brought on an interesting guest: a giant holographic sperm. Say what you want about Drake but one thing’s for sure, he knows how to get the crowd talking about him.

See the thing is with a massive public figure like Drake, it doesn’t take much to get people talking about you, you just have to come up with some sort of meme-ified PR stunt and the viral power of the internet will take it from there. It’s all about relevancy and keeping your name in other people’s mouths, which Drake certainly knows how to do.

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Did Drake really need to step out wearing a dog mask (on multiple occasions too) to promote For All The Dogs? Not really no. But it did create buzz around him, which is exactly what an artist wants when releasing a new project. Although, he could pull a Beyoncé and just drop an album out of the blue with zero promotion and still have it top the charts.

Either way, with big names like Drake there really isn’t much of a need for promotion. Can’t lie though, we do love Drake’s goofy antics and wouldn’t be surprised if he shows up in some sort of dog food commercial as his next PR move. Anyway, we’ll be tuning when the album drops, and we definitely won’t be the only ones.

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