Of course Kanye’s former publicist is tied up with Trump

Of course Kanye’s former publicist is tied up with Trump

by Ollie Cox
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You’d be forgiven for assuming charges of racketeering were reserved for members of organised crime groups such as the Mafia, which, by and large, they are. But recently, such allegations have been made against those involved in America’s most recent election. One of those accused is Kanye West’s former publicist Trevian Kutti. 

According to Reuters, Kutti has been “charged with solicitation of false statements and influencing witnesses for their efforts to compel Ruby Freeman, an election worker in Georgia’s Fulton County, into making a bogus confession to voting fraud in January 2021”.

The indictment alleges Kutti communicated via phone calls and text messages with others involved in the case and travelled to Atlanta after being recruited by Willie Lewis Floyd III, who served as director of Black Voices for Trump. 

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The criminal complaint alleges Kuti contacted Freeman to convince her to report election fraud, identifying herself as a crisis manager to a neighbour. 

According to a Reuters article published in 2021, the publicist was not associated with Kanye West when the alleged incidents occurred. In the same article, “Kutti tried to implicate her in election fraud and warned her that she could also be in danger”. 

In a statement to Chicago’s WBEZ, Kutti said she was “appalled at these accusations” and that she is “simply being a crisis manager”. 

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