For $88k, this Daniel Arsham x Hublot pocket watch could be yours

For $88k, this Daniel Arsham x Hublot pocket watch could be yours

by Ollie Cox
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If there are two things that cost loads of money, it’s art and watches, and Hublot’s latest collaboration with Daniel Arsham brings them both together. The result is the visionary Arsham Droplet, which offers an uber-modern take on the classic pocket watch that can also be worn as a pocket, pendant, or table clock – perfect for fashion week and doing up Dickensian fits. 

Daniel Arsham works between art, architecture, and performance, known for transforming everyday objects into “future relics” that straddle the past, present, and future. The Arsham droplet goes heavy on Hublot’s precision watchmaking, blending it with Arsham’s clock-centric creativity. Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe described the collaboration as “making the impossible possible” before adding that it was a “true work of art, seamlessly blending our horological expertise with Daniel Arsham’s visionary artistic vision.”

The Arsham Droplet is crafted from a blend of titanium, rubber, and sapphire crystal, fitting perfectly in your hand for any fashion or functional needs. At the heart of Hublot’s latest collaborative timepiece is the iconic Meca-10 manufacture movement, which has a 10-day power reserve, meaning you can enjoy it for days without winding. 

The Daniel Arsham x Hublot watch is a proper but of horological hype, with only 99 units made, breaking the mould with a titanium case and rubber bumpers. Arsham described the watch as a “true testament to the power of collaboration. By combining Hublot’s technical expertise with my own artistic vision, we have created a timepiece that transcends the traditional pocket watch, blending the past, present, and future in a captivating and unexpected way.”

To find out more about the collaboration between Hublot and Daniel Arsham, watch the video here

Cover Image courtesy of Hublot

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