Danny Lomas on ripped jeans, runway Prada, & Taylor Swift’s jockstrap

Danny Lomas on ripped jeans, runway Prada, & Taylor Swift’s jockstrap

by Robyn Pullen
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Model, influencer, and professional yapper (aka podcaster), Danny Lomas isn’t just known for “Dansplaining” and hosting PAQ (R.I.P.): he also has some pretty good fits ngl. We caught up with Danny to chat about the most loved pieces in his wardrobe, from runway sample Prada jackets to Levi’s 551s with a rip in the crotch. Keep reading for our personalised guide to Danny’s style.

What’s the most worn piece in your wardrobe? 

D: My most worn piece must be my Levi’s 551s if I’m looking from a realistic standpoint: there’s a hole in the ‘seat’ from a dodgy pub bench that I’ve never got around to fixing and probably won’t at this point, but it adds to the character. I saw an old photo of myself wearing them from the past and then realised how much they’ve faded over the years. Might have to get another pair!


If someone were to walk a mile in your shoes, what would the shoes be?

D: I’d have to say my Our Legacy Cameon boots. Never thought I’d wear a pair of boots, but these have been my (almost) daily drivers for the last 2 years and maybe my most comfortable shoe to the point where, even if I have blisters, I’d wear these over a pair of trainers.


What’s a pair of bottoms your wardrobe wouldn’t be the same without?

D: For bottoms I’d say Wooyoungmi straight leg, black trousers. They basically come up to my nipples, but more cool contemporary than ‘50s cosplay, think I might have to pick another pair in the future.


What’s a piece of outerwear you’d buy if money were no object?

D: I’d still have to say the Raf Simons Riot jacket. I feel that encapsulates a time of my life I’d transport back to in a heartbeat: music was ace, clothes were ace, and it will no doubt spark nostalgia in a certain crowd.


What’s the non-negotiable product in your skincare routine?

D: SPF! I’m by no means a skincare expert, but all the big dogs say it’s the most important part, so I’m not gonna give you some niche opinion to sound smart. I use Horace mattifying moisturising SPF myself, which helps to not look like you’re not covered in a layer of goose fat. Also a great lip balm too: MALIN+GOETZ is my personal preference (although too much can look a bit wet).


Chanel said “take off an accessory before you leave the house,” but what’s an accessory you’ll always keep on?

D: The only piece of jewellery that never leaves is my necklace. I could try give you some big sentimental spiel but there isn’t any: just wanted a necklace, bought one from Hatton Garden and ever since it’s been around my neck!


If you could only wear one fragrance for the rest of your life, what would it be?

D: So, scent of choice I’d definitely have to say Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford. We went there for a smell test which bored us sh*tless. But I eventually asked “can we smell Tuscan Leather?” and I really liked it. It smells like petrol and leather seats, and I’ve loved it ever since.


What’s an item you’d wear to feel powerful?

D: I could’ve said full chain mail armour as a joke but Balenciaga have kind of ruined that with their Chevalier boots, so would have to say my Prada jacket. It’s a runway sample from maybe 2019, so I feel the mutts nuts knowing I have a secret trump card if someone is trying to bore me shitless bragging about clothing items they’re wearing.

Link not found (not all of us get sent runway Prada)

If you could steal a piece of clothing from any celebrity, what would it be?
@dannylomass (^what a joker)

D: Any item of clothing I’d steal from a celebrity? Taylor Swift’s jockstrap so I could sell it for millions.

Link also not found… (unsurprising)

Feature image via @dannylomass shot by @louisbever

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