Culted Carpool: Chatting Brit with Sainté and Burberry

Culted Carpool: Chatting Brit with Sainté and Burberry

by Robyn Pullen
4 min

For a new episode of Culted Carpool, we met music artist Sainté for an all-British tour of London with Burberry. Being British means something different to everyone. It’s reflected in our clobber, our clothing, our attitudes, and even the food we eat. With that in mind, we jumped in the back of a black cab with London-based, Leister-born Sainté for the latest instalment of Culted Carpool, to find out what being British means to him.

Kicking our tour off at the ultimate British landmark, London Bridge, we picked Sainté up in the only acceptable vehicle, a classic British black cab, to tour London’s most beloved locations. Chatting about everything from Burberry to Britishisms, and jumping out the cab to snap pics with Beefeaters and phone boxes, here’s what we got up to with Sainté on our tour through London.

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Whilst Sainté is known for his music, breaking out of the Midlands with his track ‘Champagne Shots’ back in 2021 and continuing to make waves in the UK rap scene ever since, he admits “I actually do more than just music. I’m pretty involved in the fashion scene; dibble and dabble in side quests and adventures. I’m an adventurous person.”

When Sainté’s not bringing a West Coast flow to his British bars, you might find him driving vintage beamers or repping your favourite clothing items. As we pull up to the next stop on our tour, he lists off the classic British pieces in his own wardrobe. “I’ve got Burberry socks. I’ve got a Burberry puffer jacket – two actually – and the shirt. Everyone had the shirt! And I have the cardigan.” That’s a full British fit right there.

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The one thing Sainté says he loves about British society is undoubtedly the lingo, and his music library is evidence enough. For example, in his own track, ‘Champagne Shots,’ the opening lyric “I’m that same old brudda with the steeze” backs up his love for British lingo. 

An appreciation of classic British food is a subject Sainté’s less well-versed on though, considering when we asked him what the UK’s national food is (in his opinion) he replied “chicken Tikka Masala?” Maybe if it’s served on chips.

Talking about how Burberry’s contributed to British culture, Sainté says of the brand, “they’ve swagged up more than half the UK!” Dripping in his own full Burberry chequered set, repping the iconic check print, Sainté is repping British culture in his fit alone. As he puts it, “I see Burberry and I think: Britain.”

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From the label’s cultural pieces like its classic trench to the iconic Burberry plaid print, which is basically flown as a national flag at this point, elements of British culture are visibly ingrained within the House.

Being proud to be British means more than sporting a Union Jack tat; to Sainté, it’s about being you, saying “there’s no one like you,” into the camera’s lens. Finally, our Culted Carpool came to a close, pulling up to Buckingham Palace – the one and only London landmark that’s literally fit for a King – and Sainté looked up at the grey sky, commenting “suns coming out.” You’ve gotta love that classic British optimism.

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