Coach wants you to “Wear Your Shine” like Dove Cameron and Youngji

Coach wants you to “Wear Your Shine” like Dove Cameron and Youngji

by Robyn Pullen
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Coach’s “Wear Your Shine” campaign is casting a spotlight on authenticity, empowerment, and basically just looking f*cking good. As the latest effort in Coach’s mission to make Gen Z more confident, embedded within its ongoing “Courage to Be Real” message, the Coach Shine campaign is about overcoming self-doubt and insecurity in fashion and in life.

The newly released Coach Shine collection features a culmination of bags, ready-to-wear, and accessories that are both dripping in confidence and perfect for the pending party season. As part of Coach’s Fall 2023 runway collection, the collection introduces the Tabby bag and new Penn silhouette in metallic and patent leathers; if carrying one of these babies doesn’t fill you with confidence, we’re not sure what will.

Within the campaign, celebrities including Dove Cameron, Youngji, and Lil Buck appear clad in glittering silver and gold metallic sheens, portraying the confident yet authentic attitude that the collection itself exudes. However, they accept it also isn’t easy, as the faces of Coach’s campaign battle their own inner critics in the campaign video, visualised by a physical double trying to bring them down.

Coach’s own observation of its Gen Z consumers apparently revealed that “often, it’s an inner voice that keeps them from expressing themselves fully,” so the message of “Wear Your Shine” is basically that the little voice whispering self-doubt in your ear is made to be ignored and outshone. It’s all about having the courage to express yourself. 

But Coach doesn’t just want you to be confident; it also wants you to prove it. How? You’ll have the opportunity to express yourself at some of the IRL pop-up experiences Coach is hosting around the world to promote the campaign. Check out the full campaign and collection on

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