Moné’s SS24 campaign is like the last Moët of the summer

Moné’s SS24 campaign is like the last Moët of the summer

by Robyn Pullen
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Monaco-born fashion brand Moné is sipping the last of the summer wine for its Spring/Summer 2023 campaign. Titled “ENDLESS SUMMER,” the campaign and collection take inspiration from the Monégasque lifestyle – aka, the way native Monaco residents live. It’s an aesthetic bathed in relaxation, style, and nostalgia that’s deeply embedded within the culture of the French Riviera. Sounds nice

Known for its love of the spirit of the Côte d’Azur, past and present, Moné’s SS23 collection doesn’t just pull on modern aspects of the French Riviera, but also references the sandy, sun-bathed memories you might have of the holiday destination, immortalised by travel brochures and advertising campaigns – even if you’ve never had the luck to visit.

The iconic aesthetic of Monaco in the past century, a glittering depiction of glamour and opulence against the backdrop of a shimmering sea, was a substantial source of Moné’s inspiration for SS23, seen in the deck chairs printed on loose shirts. The collection transports us into a vintage postcard, where pinstriped pants are rolled up to the knees for wading into the water and Merino wool vests are thrown over shoulders as the sun beats down.

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Likewise, major Monaco-based events play on this sense of nostalgia, with the Grand Prix de Monaco as ever-present on collared shirts as it is on the winding roads of the Principality, and the Marathon de Monaco and Hôtel Gasque playing into this sense of prestige. 

Moné’s SS23 “ENDLESS SUMMER” collection and campaign is an offering of boxy, cotton T-shirts; casual, button-up shirts; and luxurious, knitted vests designed for the elite class of people who chase the summer sun for long after the rest of us return to our office desks. It evokes a sense of quiet-luxury without forgoing comfort. It’s a crisp flute of Moët on the last day of a long, hot summer.

We’ll be sipping on it for as long as we can.

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