Clarks lets loose in the Manchester raving scene

Clarks lets loose in the Manchester raving scene

by Juliette Eleuterio
3 min

Gurning mouths, heavy and thumpy untz untz sounds, memories secretly revealed for a split second by the flashing strobe lights… sounds like a foggy retelling of last weekend, or like Clarks’ latest campaign dubbed “A Love Letter to the Rave,” which is exactly what it is.

Officially titled “Sunset: A Clarks In Manchester Film,” the new campaign is a tribute to an era that encapsulated the heyday of inebriated nights at the iconic Hacienda. Shot and directed Glenn Kitson, the film takes us on a nighttime adventure with mates, from picking up some tinnies for pres to finally arriving at the club and letting the music take over your body.

The film is accompanied by the narration of a DJ host who knows how to get his crowd excited, and letting you know that you’ve got to “get those Wallabees on, yeah.” Starring Chris Coghill, Jodie Reynolds, Antonio Tapusoa, Robbie Conway, Josie Almond, Celine Mai, Darren Partington, and featuring Luke Una, the resident narrator by day, DJ by night, “Sunset: A Clarks In Manchester Film” also showcases the power that music has across generations, as if the Manchester underground scene has been passed down to the younger generation of kids in search of that late night elation their parents once experienced.

Speaking on the film, Kitson stated “for this project we wanted to explore rave culture, especially up north. It was important to join the dots between the past and the present and to show how echoes of the past are just as relevant with the youth of today.” In fact, this cross-generational inheritance isn’t too dissimilar from Clarks, many of us who in fact were passed down our first pair from our fathers.

For its Rave Renaissance collection, Clarks is honing in on three sub-collections – the Swirl, Yin-Yang and Daisy – each swivelling on the spectrum of classic to experimental design. To celebrate raving and youth culture, Clarks is also linking up with the Museum of Youth Culture to showcase its archive imagery, taking place over the Easter weekend.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Wallabees on get your a** to the clurb.

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