How to get off your phone for Christmas

How to get off your phone for Christmas

by Robyn Pullen
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The “you’re addicted to your phone” allegations are getting harder to beat, and going on TikTok on Christmas Day has to be the final nail in the coffin. So, before your little cousin starts asking if you’ve got games on here or your Gran attributes all your physical and mental issues to phone addiction, here’s some ways to get off the apps this Christmas. 

Text your ex

Yeah, you read that right. Drop your ex a little “you up” text on Christmas Eve and you’ll be avoiding your phone the next day like the plague. Trust me, if you’ve ever been drunk enough to try this then you know your phone is untouchable for at least a few days while the humiliation wears off. It’s quite a drastic method though, I’ll admit.

Spam the wrong passcode

A good way of physically stopping yourself from accessing your phone is by spamming the wrong passcode to get into it so that it locks for a few hours. This may be one of the most effective ways of keeping yourself sociable, but it also means you’ll have no way of replying to any “Merry Christmas” texts. Although, if your ex is trying the above method, that might be a good thing.

Hand it over to mum

Handing your phone over to your mum for Christmas will likely put you in her good books (maybe meaning less arguments at the table on Christmas Day). But it also requires deleting every dating app, video of you drunk, or convo with a situationship you’ve ever had, which can be pretty time consuming.

Combat your Culted addiction

Finally, Culted loves you but seriously, why are you still reading this article? It’s Christmas! We’ll still be here tomorrow.

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