Did Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY save London Fashion Week? 

Did Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY save London Fashion Week? 

by Ollie Cox
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London has birthed some of the most renowned designers in the world, thanks in part to its pool of top-notch fashion schools and culture of collaboration. But many of the Big Smoke’s most in-demand designers have swapped London for Milan and Paris. But Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY brought it home to London on Friday, celebrating 10 years of the brand, 10 years of figuring it out, and 10 years of vibes in a massive blowout show within the grounds of Somerset House. This marked a return to London following shows in Paris and Milan, a sign of the brand’s growth following support from Tomorrow Ltd

Titled “10,” Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY’s Spring/Summer 2025 collection explored the notion of “queer time” and the idea that queerness shapes the experience of time across the past, present and future. This notion of time and the tension of timekeeping can bring into our social lives was explored as nightwear merged with formalwear and evening attire as draped oxford shirts were worn undone and paired with undergarments.

Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY was founded in 2014 from Charles’ East London bedroom as a fashion label and club night. Jeffrey’s early parties, thrown when he was studying at Central Saint Martins, were attended by the city’s up-and-coming creative class, including artists, designers, poets, musicians, and drag queens—many of whom were in attendance on Friday. For SS25, Charles incorporated the creative contributions of these peers into the show, as seen in a performance from Beth Ditto and his own Somerset House Choir, who sang Patti Smith’s “Gloria” as a troop of LOVERBOY models danced down the runway. Keep reading for our runway rundown below. 

Clash of Clans-inspired looks 
Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY ©

As well as a designer, Charles Jeffrey is an illustrator and artist who works both by hand and digitally. For SS25, digital designs danced down the catwalk as models wore accessorised layered skirts and pants with grey Clash of Clans-esque rhino masks on their shoulders, armour-style gloves and crowns. While speaking to the tongue-in-cheek playfulness of Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY, it also nodded to the Glaswegian designer’s subcultural and pagan references, which regularly appear in his designs. 

Staggering home from the club 
Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY ©

An arrow-adorned mini dress-wearing protagonist staggered down the runway donning heavy eye makeup and white heeled sandals. We’ve all been there after one too many. 

Bigger berets and beanies 
Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY ©

Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY knows a thing or two about beanies, reaching cult status with its Chunky Rabit beanies, that have been spotted up on the heads of K-pop stars Caheyoung and Seungmin, and cool kids everywhere. For Spring/Summer 2025, we got supersized paper boy hats, nodding to heritage headwear as part of an exploration of past, present, and future. 

Going bananas for bananas 
Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY ©

Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY’s wearable banana peels went viral when they were first teased last year, and they made their return in Friday’s show. The shoes go beyond an uber-Instagramable appeal and are actually a reference to Scottish comedian Billy Connolly, who wore a pair on stage in the 1970s. For Spring/Summer 2025, Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY’s contributions to his fashion five a day came in a ripe yellow colourway and an overripe black leather. 

PJs on the runway 
Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY ©

Between structured jackets, printed knits, and two-tone ruched dresses, Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY served up a love letter to loungewear, with Oxford shirts paired with satin shorts and nightcaps joining the headwear offering. 

Erin O’Connor closed the show 
Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY ©

To round out the 10th-anniversary proceedings, Charles Jeffrey flexed his fashion muscles with legendary model Erin O’Connor. This British supermodel wore a billowing polka dot dress, where super structured shoulder pads were accented with purple horns. The look was finished off with a horned mask, which was removed for a final bow. 

Who is Charles Jeffrey’s LOVERBOY? London, of course. Congrats on 10 years! 

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