This CELINE candle smells like Indie Sleaze

This CELINE candle smells like Indie Sleaze

by Ollie Cox
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CELINE has introduced “Illuminations,” the latest addition to the House’s Haute Parfumerie. The Candle nods to the tradition of the Couturier Parfumeur and also Hedi Slimane’s time spent on the West Coast of the USA. 

The candle is inspired by French poet Arthur Rimbaud, known for his symbolist poetry, which portrayed dreams, visions and associative powers. “Illuminations” also draws on Slimane’s memories of time spent in California, revealing parallels with the symbolist movement through recollections of the near past. 

The candle evokes the sensory experience of “psychedelic incense, the electrical dissonance of The Fuzz’s guitars, [and a revival] of the liturgical and decadent atmosphere of California nights.” If you want to know what this smells like, it’s notes of both essence and absolute incense, cistus labdanum, birch and cedarwood – the scent created by Hedi Slimane himself. This is a candle that can transport you to a distinct moment in time, evoking the memorable smells of burning incense and the psychedelic guitar sounds of an era gone by. 


Hedi Slimane became the Creative Director and Image Director of CELINE in 2018. A photographer by trade, he is widely credited for introducing the skinny silhouettes loved by the band members of the ‘00s into the zeitgeist, and is a poster boy of indie sleaze. While the House’s latest candle is reminiscent of sunkissed times spent in California, Slimane has previously recreated the scents associated with other chapters of his life. “Illuminations” joins the “Nightclubbing” candle, which is a recollection of Parisian nights, combining the smell of suede, nicotine and amber. 

CELINE “Illuminations” is available in CELINE stores and online

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