Toast, chicks & checks: the Burberry Holiday 2023 campaign 

Toast, chicks & checks: the Burberry Holiday 2023 campaign 

by Ollie Cox
2 min

Burberry has released its Holiday 2023 campaign, enlisting the help of its four-legged and feathered friends. Throughout, we see a focus on the finer details of the Daniel Lee-designed collection, with photographer Roe Etheridge capturing Burberry homeware, footwear, and accessories against muted backdrops with surprise animal inclusions. 

The Burberry EKD wool pillow is pictured stacked, providing the perfect pedestal for a trio of ducklings performing their best pout in front of the lens. Later, we see a fully grown duck, poking its beak into a medium-sized Chess bag in a light yellow colourway, with a rich purple backdrop contrasting and highlighting the muted accessory. 

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Further shots show deep red Shield bags partially concealed from the cover of a bouquet of roses, with later images showcasing silk scarves shown hung above china vases – evoking the sentiment of a lived-in yet welcoming domestic space. 

In a continuation of this motif, we see a loosely folded stack of Burberry scarves in the brand’s House check against a matching backdrop. To finish the scene, a stack of toast provides a platform for a blue “B” letter – letting us all know whose toast it is. Of course, no Daniel Lee-led Burberry campaign would be complete without the Equestrian Knight logo, which the House’s Creative Director revived from the archives when he assumed the role. 

The Burberry Holiday collection is available to shop on the Burberry website and in retail stores. 

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