Bottega’s Winter 23 is a lesson in how to look good

Bottega’s Winter 23 is a lesson in how to look good

by Ollie Cox
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We’re as sad to see the end of summer as the next person, but let’s be honest this summer’s weather was sh*t anyway. If there’s one thing to look forward to, it’s those cosy winter fits. Bottega Veneta’s Winter 23 collection is something to get excited about, bringing us everything great about fall dressing, from layering to long coats (and even some knitted sock-shoes). 

As part of Bottega’s long history of collective vision, multiple photographers shot the campaign. Here, Matthieu Blazy enlists, with Malick Bodian, Louise and Maria Thornfeldt and Sander Muylaert, eachall contributing their lens. 

For its Winter 23 campaign, the photographic quintet captureWith the aim of showing characters on the go, models are shot against the backdrop of the unnoticed spaces of everyday life –, the architecture we see everydayevery day. In an accompanying short video, models can be seen traversing between domestic and public spaces, with talent mirroring the surface-level interactions commonly shared within these environments. 

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Impeccably crafted, high-quality wardrobe staples form the bulk of the collection, with each piece designed to be embedded in the everyday life of the wearer. While killer boots can be seen poking from overcoats and dresses, Bottega know some of us like to be comfy on our commute. The hotly-anticipated “Orbit” sneaker accompanies a more relaxed “jeans and trainers” look, yet of course, they’re not your average pair of jeans.

 From spiralling staircases to luxurious lifts, Bottega has smashed this one out of the park, celebrating the design history of Bottega Veneta’s Italian home by capturing the beauty of its everyday spaces. 

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