From CELINE to Louis Vuitton, here’s our favourite fashion show soundtracks

From CELINE to Louis Vuitton, here’s our favourite fashion show soundtracks

by Robyn Pullen
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We might all be watching for the clothes, but no fashion show would be the same without its accompanying soundtrack. The thought and consideration that goes into curating the perfect ensemble of songs for a brand or designer’s new collection is one of the most underrated aspects of fashion shows. It affects everything from the atmosphere of the room to the beat that the models walk; get it wrong and it’s a flop, but get it right and it can be iconic. We’ve compiled a list of the most memorable show soundtracks from brands and designers, that were simply music to our ears.

For CELINE the playlist comes naturally

From indie band Gustaf to the musical duo Suicide, Hedi Slimane is known for his perfectionist nature when it comes to a CELINE show’s soundtrack. Each season, CELINE’s runway playlist is carefully curated, featuring iconic musicians and performers who align perfectly with the collection’s aesthetic.

Diesel turning it up by turning us on

At the brand’s FW23 show, Glenn Martens curated a soundtrack for Diesel that was almost too sexy for us to take. A thumping bass was overlaid with the echoing sounds of moaning, creating an atmosphere of heightened sexuality before the models had even stepped onto the runway. The fact that Diesel’s known for its confrontational portrayal of sex, through its collections, marketing, and soundtracks, meant that the sex noises weren’t out of place – in fact, they kind of brought the show together. 

Ganni’s iconic AI curated playlist

For SS24, Ganni enlisted the help of AI to create not only part of its collection but also the soundtrack for the show, and as a result we were treated to one of the trendiest runway playlists on this list. From Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow’s Industry Baby to Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice’s Barbie World, the soundtrack had clearly been inspired by what was currently viral on TikTok, throwing in a classic – Daft Punk’s One More Time – for good measure. But it was a crowd pleaser, and the vibes were immaculate. 

Valentino’s soundtrack gives viral vibes

Valentino took a leaf from TikTok’s book for SS24 through the performance of a live band, headlined by singer d4vd, which performed one TikTok viral hit after another. From d4vd’s own viral track Here With Me to The SmithsDouble Decker Bus, listening to the show was like swiping through a particularly well curated TikTok feed, but it was refreshing to recognise every song that played – or at least 6 seconds of it.

Louis Vuitton knows how to put on a show

For Pharrell’s debut collection at Louis Vuitton Men’s, they went above and beyond with every aspect including the soundtrack. Instead of simply plugging an iPhone into the speaker, Pharrell – ever the musician despite his career change – enlisted an entire gospel choir, Voices of Fire, to perform live at the SS24 show. The soundtrack of a Pharrell-produced song titled Joy (Unspeakable) wasn’t just iconic but also hugely moving. To be honest, we’re still not over it.

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