Berghaus is back, and it’s better than ever 

Berghaus is back, and it’s better than ever 

by Ollie Cox
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Berghaus, the maker of the ‘90s and ‘00s cool guy’s kagool of choice, is back, fusing an outdoors-focused design sensibility with an easy-on-the-eye styling appeal. One of the items making a return is the Mera Peak jacket, which is widely-considered the “Godfather of GORE-TEX.”

The Mera jacket boasts some notable wearers, including Liam Gallagher, who brought Berghaus some Britpop acclaim in his Oasis years. Another notable wearer is Jamiroquai founder Jay Kay, who still appears on Internet mood boards and nostalgia-drenched IG pages in his blue Berghaus jacket and plush bucket hat. Another notable wearer, is legendary MC, producer and frontman of The Streets, Mike Skinner, who was pictured wearing the jacket in 2002.

The brand was founded in Sunderland in 1972 by Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison and was a go-to for hikers for years. Despite this vanilla, Alan-Titchmarshesque use of the technology, Berghaus jackets became a go-to armour against the elements for early ravers, thanks to their weather-resistant properties.

Picture this: it’s a Friday night, you’ve got the location from the phonebox, and you’re belting it down the motorway towards a field in the middle of nowhere. It’s lashing it down, but that doesn’t matter because you’ve got your Berghaus. This is exactly the energy that the Mera Jacket has come to represent, rooted in contemporary music subcultures. 

Whether you’re bashing out Britpop bangers, jumping about to some acid jazz, or having it large in a field for two days, the Berghaus Mera has your back. You can find it on the Berghaus webstore

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