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The Balenciaga Cargo Sneaker is so big, everyone can feel like Shaquille O’Neal

The Balenciaga Cargo Sneaker is so big, everyone can feel like Shaquille O’Neal

by Eric Brain
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The Balenciaga Cargo Sneaker was one of many standouts from the recent Balenciaga Summer 2024 runway show — and now Culted has them in-hand for a closer look.

Balenciaga put on a show to rival all shows. Amanda Lepore graced the catwalk in a lace number; Paris Hilton and Kris Jenner turned up to say “Hi Culted;” BFRND closed the occasion in an upcycled seven-tier wedding dress; and the House released the Balenciaga Cargo Sneaker within seconds of the show ending.

@culted Might be a size too big 🤔 What do you think of the Balenciaga Cargo sneakers? #balenciaga #balenciagacargo #sneakers ♬ original sound – habz.fx

Those in attendance saw the Cargo Sneaker first-hand, but only from the pleasure of their red velvet seats that had an unobstructed view of the elevated runway. We noticed that the shoes were big. But seeing them up close in the flesh, and putting them on foot, is the only way to truly understand the scale of these things.

Forget the Triple S, Runner, or Track — the Cargo Sneaker is completely comical, behemoth, monstrous, and super-sized to new dimensions never before explored in the footwear world. Unless you’re Shaq.

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Few pairs are currently doing the rounds, as they sold out as quick as they dropped. The brand exclusively released a pair in a runway-ready “Grey/Black/Yellow” colourway, and Balenciaga made the shoe from a mixture of microfibre, mesh, and foam-padded overlays without leather. Elsewhere, we find reflective details on the upper, a metallic plate with logo engraving, the “3B Sports” icon artwork embossed on each side, the “Unity Sports” icon artwork on the upper and on sole, and Balenciaga’s signature European shoe sizing on the toe and heel.

The ones you see here, with images courtesy of Culted, are not the exclusive release. Instead, this runway-worn pair is found in “White/Grey/Black,” with peeps of yellow coming from the underlaying foam padding.

Take a look at the Balenciaga Cargo Sneaker here, as well as on Culted’s Instagram and TikTok.

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