Flight to London Fashion Week, three-hour layover at Ancuta Sarca FW24

Flight to London Fashion Week, three-hour layover at Ancuta Sarca FW24

by Juliette Eleuterio
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Ancuta Sarca brought the eerie and uncanny feeling of an empty airport lounge for her Fall/Winter 2024, where time and place loses all meaning and people-watching become your temporary full-time job – it helps that these people we were watching were dressed to a T.

Patterned blue carpet took over the presentation space while white airport-style waiting chairs were scattered around the rooms, where models nonchalantly posed, crossed-legged while others laid down, as if trying to catch some sleep before the long-haul flight. One model was on her laptop, either catching up on emails or acting mysterious so her airport crush could fall in love with her.

The Romanian designer known for upcycling old Nikes into kitten hybrid sneaker-heels brought her speciality back to the Old Selfridges Hotel space for FW24, with a silver snake-skin pair, with a shiny Sarca-branded tongue adorned with a little white lace bow and white 3D floral details.

Sarca also served Big Foot if it slayed – a pair of grey-and-white furry stiletto heels, with a front silver-buckled white strap and Sarca patch logos. There was also a pair of high-top ruched heels in patented mucky yellow colour that faded to brown at its edges, completed with a sneaker’s upper on the boot’s front buckle strap.

The models were styled in airport-ready fits, highlighting each character your bound to bump into at the travel hub. One model wore a hooded-fleece jacket that screamed “don’t talk to me til I’ve landed.” Another donned a front-pocketed, sleeveless, hooded brown dress with thick red stitching details, the type ready to hit the beach before even checking into her hotel. There were also patented leather looks for those who revived airport fashion – shame on private jet travellers who killed off an entire department of a stylist’s work, you know who you are.

This season, we also saw a massive emphasis on accessories, such as large carrier bags that got you covered after Ryanair changed its baggage policy. Smaller bags kept in touch with Sarca’s upcycling ethos, as one brown handbag featured a zip right down the middle of what used to be a zip-up hoodies, where a khaki mini-bag was made out of breathable fabric scraps, finished off with a lace tie like that of a hood.

While airports are typically the last place we want to get stuck at, the Ancuta Sarca FW24 presentation is one we would have definitely missed our flight on purpose for just to indulge in those extra few hours. We caught up with the designer after the show and this is what she had to say.

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What inspired this collection?

This season’s inspiration came from a strong longing for liberation and escapism. I looked at spaces like airports, and incorporated  elements from airport outfits like tracksuits and hoodies into bags and shoes.

Do you have a favourite piece?

My favourite piece is the velvet hoodie bag with a drawstring.

How do you think you’ve evolved in this collection from last season?

I focused on bags and ready-to-wear a lot more this season which is something I want to bring back into my world. 

What was the inspiration for the space set up?

The inspiration for set up started with a cinematic feel and claustrophobic spaces like airports or tubes and a general yearn for freedom and liberation so the models are seated on airports seats in a carpeted space with cabin bags randomly placed on the benches.

Lastly, describe this collection in three words.

Dark, deconstructed, sexy.

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