AHLUWALIA SS24 “Acknowledgments” told stories through movement and colour

AHLUWALIA SS24 “Acknowledgments” told stories through movement and colour

by Eric Brain
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AHLUWALIA, the eponymous brand of London-based fashion designer Priya Ahluwalia, has presented its Spring/Summer 2024 “Acknowledgments” runway show at none other than the British Library. This institutional piece of London defines what it means to study; beyond just academic, its walls tell stories, rich in cultural history and importance. Much like the British Library, AHLUWALIA SS24 was also rich in cultural references, drenched in colours that told their own stories. 

It was a consistent array of AHLUWALIA design tropes: saturated orange and vivid green bounced off warm browns and washed-out blue hues, while monogram motifs and abstract floral printwork danced upon the fabric. It gave the clothes even more life than the colours already did, serving as the perfect uplifting night out element to AHLUWALIA’s other side.

Here, on-trend football shirts cut in silky threads went alongside puffed monogram-covered denim jackets, matching denim, elongated coats that split from the middle into two contrasting halves, and more. Footwear, most of which was heeled with a large, cursive “A” emblem, ranged from cowboy boots to comfortable loafers — albeit ones covered in acid green hair. 

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What pleased the most was this very contrast — a transitional wardrobe of sorts. For example, AHLUWALIA presented a collegiate-informed varsity jacket and matching trousers, only these sporty trousers were cut with a sartorial edge. 

Likewise, a vivid orange dress covered in embellishment played with a scoop neckline (reminiscent of the swooping shapes that fold across a traditional Saree), and moments later, Priya Ahluwalia herself came out for her final bow, dressed in her own rich green denim two-piece that sported a white stripe curving from one side to another. 

And just like that, AHLUWALIA SS24 presented nothing but fluidity. From one look to the next, we felt the collection hitting a brief — if there’s one brand who can give it you all, it’s AHLUWALIA with this collection.

AHLUWALIA SS24 can be seen above, while more London Fashion Week SS24 content can be found across Culted online, on Instagram, and on TikTok.

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