A$AP Rocky is on the run for baby diapers with Beats by Dre

A$AP Rocky is on the run for baby diapers with Beats by Dre

by Juliette Eleuterio
2 min

Remember that viral video of A$AP Rocky running like a track star that came out a few months ago? Turns out that was part of his directorial debut to introduce Beats by Dre’s latest release, the Beats Studio Pro.

In the short film titled “Iconic Sound”, Flacko gets interrupted when working on his music, tasked with going to the store to get diapers. After all, Rocky is a dad and Rza has needs. Wearing Timberland boots, jeans and a white tee, and of course the new Beats Studio Pro, Rocky rushes to the AWGE Bodega with his crew to get those AWGE-certified baby diapers.

Beats by Dre©

The video is accompanied by RIOT (Rowdy Pipe’n), a Pharrell-produced track off his highly-anticipated upcoming album – for real though when is the album dropping? In the meantime though, the new Beats Studio Pro are now available at Apple Stores and online for £349.99 in black, deep brown, navy and sandstone colours.

Beats by Dre©

Speaking on the link up, Rocky said “I’ve been a fan of Beats since the beginning, so this has been a full-circle experience. I had a vision in mind for this project, and they provided the space for me to zone in and fully express my creativity”.

Make sure to check out the full video below.

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