Dior x Nike©



by Jason Owusu-Frimpong
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Dior x Nike©
Dior x Nike©

If you haven’t been under a rock (or only religiously wearing crocs) for the past few years, you already know that sneaker reselling is on the up and up. With the endless, uncertain pandemic & lockdowns allowing more free time to stock up, build and collect, the demand for sneakers has made the reselling business an alive and thriving ecosystem. Now, even the high brow art world has skin in the game, with British art auctioneers Sotheby’s recently nabbing the rarest and in demand pairs for auction. With a dedicated and diverse community on its back, the growth of the sneaker game knows no bounds! Neither do the price hikes! Take a pair of the creamy and neutral Jordan 4 Retro Off-White Sail, for example. Go-to Sneaker marketplace StockX has estimated its resale price at around US$1,401 (£1,017.65). It originally retailed at $200: cheap and cheerful in comparison to today. Then, there are the highly coveted Dior x Jordan 1 Retro High collaboration pairs, intricately designed with light grey and blue hues with an embroidered print Nike Tick; representing Kim Jones’ own love for Jordans and Christian Dior’s craftsmanship. These retailed at $2,000 (£1,452.10), but now fetch for almost $31,000 (£21,994).


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What’s more is, anyone can get into it. You’re bound to have heard a couple of stories, of teens from unknown towns, flipping a few hundred dollars into 6-7 figures, just by selling sneakers from their mum and dads basement. Or a 17 year old selling to Man Utd’s Paul Pogba or the Chelsea squad after school. Whether it’s for the thrill and love of the game, some extra cash or to feed your sneaker-head appetite, reselling has now become a sure way to satisfy all three desires at once. Just pick your excuse. But then, to succeed there are some cardinal rules…

Always keep your eyes peeled 

Like any collector will tell you – be it Pokémon cards or vintage memorabilia – it’s imperative to keep your eyes peeled and ears to the streets. Be strategic in finding the ins and outs of the market and sneaker community. With so many Facebook & Twitter communities, IG pages, Telegrams, Reddits and group chats at your fingertips, joining the sneaker club requires you to have your post notifications on. It also demands that you reach out and connect. After all, the sneakers and their prices move with the culture and all its speculations. Grasping this requires some dedicated investigative work: What are the newest and upcoming releases? When are they? How in demand are they? What do the comments and responses look like? Do you see any fire emojis under the IG post? Research is key. 

Know the difference between your grails and sneakers with buzz

When it comes to this sport, you’ve got to decide whether you’re willing to play the long game or opt for quick wins. For the latter, your best bet is to try and buy sneakers that have an assured buzz at retail, and sell at a little over the original price. That’s what we call a quick flip

Now, for the former, you’ve got to know your grails. Look out for sneakers with heritage, a name or story behind the shoe. Perhaps Michael Jordan frequently wore that specific type of Jordan 1 you have your eye on, like his signature Red and Black highs. A big hint may also be the number of shoes that are released. If they are in any way limited, numbered or teased with release dates – grab ‘em. Who cares if they’re 176 of 2000? Well, the community does. 

Of course, you can’t forget the King of the sneaker jungle, the Don’s, the Big Dawgs: the collaboration pairs. It’s usually a ‘one time only’ affair, that grabs the attention – and heart – of every sneaker lover. Everybody loves to have a timeless shoe that has manifested from the mind of a creative. A wearable legacy that may outlive the designer. Adding a name and a designer gives the sneaker character and star-power. The latest examples of this are endless: from the avant garde Yoon Ambush x Nike Dunk High, to the Supreme x Nike SB’s, and finally all things Travis Scott (Air Force 1s, Jordan 6s – Olive and Khaki…the list is endless). With the right name attached, you’re bound to get your money’s worth.

But remember, this can all be subjective, and a lot of the times both types and their qualities intertwine. It’s possible for a design to be both hot for now and hot for long. It’s then up to you to hold or sell.


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Buy what you like 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… Right? It’s all well and good knowing what others want, but staying true to your aesthetic is all the better. Nobody wants eyesores cluttering their bedroom – even if you are just buying to sell. You are now part of the sneakerhead community, you are a self-proclaimed sneaker connoisseur. Behave like it, and go with your gut instinct and intuition. That’s what gives you a creative edge. 

The endless variety and entry points of in-demand sneakers exist for a reason. Look, the novelty of the Nike Ben & Jerry’s collab – just like the ice cream itself – it’s definitely not to everyone’s taste. Not everyone wants cow print Dunks for $1,000, and that’s fine. Or perhaps, the reconstructed nature of a Nike x Sacai Vapor Waffle sneaker has a very different appeal to that of a signature or updated Jordan 1. Obviously, those who like to rock fly socks and flaunt them in Summer always opt for low Dunks. 

Plus, some colourways may be more desirable, for different reasons. A simple colourway may be attractive to all demographics for its neutrality, where an eye catching, never-seen-before vibrant colourway may be desirable for its individuality.  

So, to avoid getting lost in the sauce, or slipping on drip, you have to trust your eye for a good silhouette, colourway, texture and fit. 


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Raffles: Stay ready

With raffles, there’s hope for those who want to get into reselling without parting ways with absurd amounts of cash. It keeps the sport fair, inclusive and affordable. Groups are selected at random, globally, to buy sold out – or soon to sell out – sneakers at retail price. Stay updated with newsletters and be ready to pull the trigger on a purchase when you get the call up to get in the game. Copping Yeezys at retail price has been a success for many with raffles. Especially when the new Yeezy 450 Cloud Whites and Foam RNNR sneakers sold out in a minute! 

However, there is an ongoing controversy with raffles, as some are opting to enter raffles with bots and swipe thousands of pairs at once. When it comes to deciding whether to use bots to your advantage or not, you are your own moral compass. But, my advice: play the game fair. 


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Be Kind 

This tight-knit community is built on the grind of young and hungry entrepreneurs. The ‘snotty nose kid’ of yesterday, could be the popping Hypebeast reseller of the year tomorrow. Don’t let your words come back and bite you. 

Now go on, young grasshopper, run the sneaker game.


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