16Arlington SS24 served sheEO realness

16Arlington SS24 served sheEO realness

by Eric Brain
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16Arlington has found its niche, and Spring/Summer 2024’s London Fashion Week show, titled “There is no such thing as a bad coincidence,” truly embodied its name. Marco Capaldo’s House delivered a show of opulent business-chic drama, combining signature design tropes with elevation. Think of it as a fusion of Sex In the City’s Carrie Bradshaw with London’s party it-girl.

Models confidently clutched their signature bags as they walked down the curvaceous runway one by one, each exuding their unique take on “I’m the boss around here” realness. It all began with unbuttoned white shirts, as if these entrepreneurs had taken a moment to unwind at home. Then it evolved – white skirts and sequin-covered tops signalled they were getting ready to step out.

Next came full sequin gowns, transparent enough to reveal just the right amount for the party scene and their own confidence, with a hint of voyeurism. After that, demure white ensembles with a structure that merged a wedding dress with a nightgown followed.

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Capaldo has discovered a unique perspective when it comes to crafting clothes for his 16Arlington girl. She seeks comfort and sensuality, simplicity and confidence. Red latex dresses, red sequin dresses, skirts and tops adorned with metal sequin discs that jangled with authority, and leather dresses that blossomed at the waist all exuded confidence. Some even exclaimed, “It’s giving CELINE,” with nods of approval all around.

But this doesn’t mean that 16Arlington’s sheEO couldn’t have fun. At times, models showcased kitten heels covered in fluffy blue rubber strings, or more sequins decorated with Japanese typography and the colours of the country’s flag. Blue feathers hid beneath the vinyl layers of one’s coat or sheer top, while others wrapped up in sumptuous mohair jumpers.

Even with all this extravagance, Capaldo didn’t forget 16Arlington’s female counterparts. For the boys, the focus was on letting the girls shine. That’s not to say the men didn’t make a statement; instead, they took a subtler approach, embracing quiet luxury. Wool polo tops featured spread collars, suit trousers were impeccably tailored, jackets (as per the CELINE comment) were exquisitely cut, and jumpers offered the ultimate comfort.

Bravo, Marco Capaldo. You may have just pulled off something truly memorable with this collection.

Take a look at 16Arlington SS24 above. For more fashion week content check out coverage across Instagram and Tik Tok

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