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by Robyn Pullen



by Robyn Pullen
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Christmas is a time for excess: excessive food, excessive sparkle, excessive partying,  and obviously, excessive gift buying. It feels like everyone’s love language synonymously becomes gift giving (and receiving) for those last few days of the year, and the dreaded phrase “overdraft exceeded” turns into just another two words to be dealt with once the festivities are over. We all flock to the shops in search of only the most thoughtful, meaningful, tear-jerking present, scouring shelves and racks for the item that says exactly what we need it to.

Whilst the giddy excitement of handing your loved ones a gift on Christmas Day that you know they’re going to love is unmatched, the actual hunt for said gift can often be excruciating. Between fighting through stores teaming with shoppers to receiving beaten packages in the post three days after Christmas has ended it can be a rough ride, especially when you’re the type to leave it last minute. However, at the Calvin Klein store in Battersea Power Station’s newly renovated shopping hot-spot, stressful shopping is so Last Christmas.

We met up with Deyaz and Mathilde at Calvin Klein’s new store in Battersea Power Station for the ultimate, last minute Christmas shopping trip where they scoped out the must-have gifts for friends, family, and themselves.

Can you introduce yourselves to our readers?

D: Sure, my name is Deyaz, I’m an artist/producer.

M: I’m Mathilde, and I’m a model and content creator.

How was the shoot today – did you have fun?

D: The shoot today was really great! It felt really natural – I’m a big fan of Calvin Klein anyway, so it was pretty seamless. 

M: Yeah, it was great. It was nice to see the collection and stuff. I feel like I wasn’t fully aware of the sort of clothes Calvin Klein makes, but I fell in love with this two-piece so I’m very happy, although a bit cold from the outside shots. 

We’re here Christmas shopping in Calvin Klein’s new Battersea Power Station store – what do you think of it?

M: I really like the vibe of the Calvin Klein store – the staff are really friendly, it’s busy but not hectic. You can still get your last minute shopping done, and they’ve got a great range of clothes.

D: Yeah, I love the Christmassy sort of feeling you get when you come straight into the store – it’s a really good atmosphere.

Calvin Klein’s the one stop location for both gifts and party wear. Knowing that, what would be the best Xmas gift you could receive from Calvin Klein?

D: I think the standard like go-to is usually boxers or briefs, but looking around today I’d definitely say the puffer jackets. They’re one to watch out for!

M: Yeah, the underwear is a classic, but also the pyjamas. I really want some nice silky pyjamas for Christmas Day so I’m definitely gonna get some of them!

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So Deyaz – where’s your favourite place to kick back in London?

My favourite place to chill out in London, I’d probably say, is Camden. It’s got such a thriving creative scene, particularly fashion-wise – it feels like people wear a lot more outlandish stuff there, and it’s more accepted. 

Are you the type of person to leave your Christmas shopping till the last minute?

Yeah, I haven’t done my Christmas shopping yet. I haven’t even put up the tree, but I’ll get there!

What’s more important to you: comfort or aesthetic?

I guess I’ll say aesthetic over comfort, but I think it does depend on your environment.

What does your morning routine look like?

Wake up, walk my dogs, then shower and everything – of course, gotta be hygienic – and get to work!

What’s your priority: loungewear or party wear?

My priority would have to be party wear. Although, when I’m at home, loungewear is needed!

Where in London most inspires your music?

I’d have to say Camden again. When I was younger I spent years busking around there so I feel like I got my cultural sort of music experience based around there. So yeah, probably Camden.

What’s your favourite item from the Calvin Klein shoot today and how would you style it?

Knitwear has definitely been the highlight! I think the sweater with Calvin Klein boots and a leather jacket on top seems pretty clean to me. 

What makes Battersea Power Station such a cool location to shoot at?

It’s got a really big Christmas tree up and there’s a piano outside the Calvin Klein store that people keep playing. But also the fact that it’s such a historic place that’s been turned into one of the best shopping spots in London – that’s what makes it such a cool location.

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Hey Mathilde – what do you get up to for fun in London?

I go shopping most days I have free – mostly window shopping though, just to look around vintage shops and keep me occupied. Maybe I’ll try out a new lunch place, usually with a friend. I rarely ever go on walks but lately, because of the snow, I’ve been liking a walk which is quite unlike me.

Vintage Calvin’s or new Calvin’s?

I think it depends on the item. Underwear – I’d definitely say new for sure! But with clothing, I’m very pro vintage. I love to find old pieces that have a bit of a story behind them.

In three words describe the shoot today?

Fun; eye-opening, if that counts as one word; and friendly!

Where’s the worst place in London to go Christmas shopping?

I’d normally say Stratford; however, I’ve just remembered Oxford Street, trying to get back on the tube on Saturday. Or Carnaby Street is literally hectic and it takes you like 2 hours to do a 20 minute journey. That’s why Battersea Power Station’s such a great place to shop – there are so many stores, lots of different stuff. Even if you’re going with a parent who’s got a different style, it’s got something for everyone. And it’s more calm!

If you could take home one Calvin Klein item after the shoot what would it be?

If I could take one thing home from Calvin Klein it would probably be the set that I’m wearing, if that counts as one item! But I also loved the cut-off heeled boots – they’d be great for New Years or Christmas Day.

Talk us through a day in your life?

 I feel like I almost live two lives in a way! Lots of days I’m shooting so that means a crazy early start and heading to location to shoot a fun campaign. But another side of my life is wearing a full tracksuit and going to uni sitting with my head up doing lectures.

What piece from the Calvin Klein Battersea store would you buy for your favourite person?

If I could pick one item from Calvin Klein to gift someone for Christmas, it would probably be the burgundy knit jumper in the men’s section, because my boyfriend has been obsessed with knit jumper recently. He wears them everyday in different colours. It’s an amazing quality and I think the colour would really compliment him.

With Christmas approaching, what’s your go-to gift?

I don’t know if I really have a go-to gift because I’m a very big gifter, especially at Christmas. I love buying Christmas presents way in advance and making sure the person will love it. Saying that, I do think shoes are a good present – like, you know the person is going to wear them a lot and get a lot of use out of them.

What gift would you most like to receive?

I’m very anti-technology for gifts so I wouldn’t want a phone or laptop or something. I usually prefer clothes or new shoes – maybe some fun heels to go to an event. Something more thought through, more personal. 

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