Umm… Naomi Campell x Pretty Little Thing?

Umm… Naomi Campell x Pretty Little Thing?

by Juliette Eleuterio
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Let’s get one thing straight: we love Naomi Campbell. She’s an icon, maybe the most iconic of all the 90s supermodels, which is why this whole Pretty Little Thing set up is not adding up.

Seeing the Naomi Campbell join forces with Pretty Little Thing was definitely not on our 2023 bingo card. The news that shocked the whole internet – and no, not in a good way – dropped last weekend and everyone is still trying to figure out who allowed this to happen.

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The UK-based fast fashion retailer took to its Instagram to reveal the news with a video that focused on a co-branded director chair – we had to do a double-take to make sure our eyes were seeing correctly and yep, they unfortunately were. And listen, we love Noami, she is an icon, which is why we’re looking out for her.

Basically, this collaboration is the British version of the H&M designer collabs. It makes sense why PLT would want to tap legendary supermodel Naomi (who wouldn’t want to work with her?) but it doesn’t really make sense for Naomi to work with the brand. After all, Naomi did found the Fashion for Relief charity that focuses on fundraising to combat humanitarian and environmental issues.

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PLT, on the other hand, hasn’t been so charitable. In fact, PLT’s parent company (and therefore PLT itself) was accused of unethical practices, specifically underpaying its workers, and refusing to disclose its carbon dioxide emissions. Essentially, PLT goes against everything Naomi stands for, so why is this actually happening?

After the news hit us with whiplash, everyone – and we mean everyone – was as confused as we are about this whole thing. Instagram user @jessicaeishow commented “this is so embarrassing for THE Naomi Campbell” under the PLT post and Twitter user @syxdstyle tweeted “This is how we know the economy is terrible they have Naomi doing PLT”. Honestly though, this economy is making us all do crazy things.

Well, in the wake of the (tragic) news, an old clip of Naomi saying hadn’t made the best “financial investments” has resurfaced, as a possible explanation for this otherwise frankly least compatible match up ever. Anyways, we love Naomi, this collab however? Not so much.

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