Is Ty Dolla $ign finally releasing his new album with Ye

Is Ty Dolla $ign finally releasing his new album with Ye

by Ollie Cox
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Last night, Ty Dolla $ign gave fans an update on the status of his eagerly anticipated collaborative album with Ye. 

During a performance on November 11, the rapper let attendees know that he had just flown in from Saudi Arabia, which was questionably met with a warm response from the crowd. The reason behind this reaction is that Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West, has chosen the deserts of Saudi Arabia as the space for his latest music project. The rapper announced the news with the following statement: “I just landed on a flight from Saudi Arabia, I’ve been out there recording my album with my brother Ye, it’s coming real soon.”

The album, which does not yet have a name, has been teased for months with no concrete release date even whispered in the Internet rumour sphere. This recent update on the collaborative project between the two follows the cancellation of Ye and Ty Dolla $ign’s multi-stadium listening event earlier this month. 

Despite the news being well received upon its announcement in the venue, the Internet was quick to poke fun at the previous delays in the run-up to the album. Some users went on to joke that the album’s alleged “real soon” release date could be as late as 2028. While no date is set in stone yet, the Ye Ty Dolla $ign album could drop at any time. 

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