Are you ready for the return of skinny jeans?

Are you ready for the return of skinny jeans?

by Ollie Cox
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Just when you thought fashion’s most suffocating silhouette was dead and buried, it came back. Yep, you heard us right: skinny jeans are making a return. The divisive denim reached peak coolness when Camden was the coolest place in the world, Instagram wasn’t a thing, and the Libertines were loved by almost everyone and their dog. And now they’re back. 

Miu Miu ©

This Fall/Winter 2024 fashion season, we saw slimmed-down silhouettes from some of fashion’s buzziest brands, from Balenciaga to Miu Miu. Demna didn’t deviate too far from his oversized baggy business, but in between his large, loose-fitting looks, we saw bleach-wash skinny jeans tucked into knee-high boots, providing a striking contrast to the baggy cropped bomber worn above.

Miu Miu made a strong case for the return of skinny jeans, as it enveloped a figure-hugging cropped Canadian tuxedo with a plush fur coat, making sure the brown square-toe shoes were on full display down below. And with Miu Miu being number two on the Lyst Index of hottest brands, drainpipe jeans are destined for a return.


CELINE by Hedi Slimane has always favoured a slim(ane) silhouette, with the Creative Director pushing the style as part of his Indie-sleaze meets Parisian chic vision, and we have to say we’re so here for it. Back in Spring/Summer 2022, CELINE presented a pair of mega-distressed baggy jeans, a severe shift from Slimane’s aesthetic. This led to many citing the official end of skinny jeans, but now, three years later, they’re back. 

Here in London, Aaron Esh gave us naughties Kate Moss for Topshop-esque grey skinny jeans, which punctuated delicate couture-like drapery seen on later looks, setting a precedent for the return of slimmer silhouettes.

But why is fashion going back on itself? Skinny jeans and their circulation-cutting qualities were first worn as an affront to societal norms by rockstars like members of the Rolling Stones and the Sex Pistols in the mid to late 70s. By the mid-2010s, the style was everywhere, serving less as a standoffish statement and slotting into the status quo. 

Now, as looser styles have come to dominate fashion trends, with Gen-Z preferring straight and loose styles, skinny jeans are regaining their edge as the rebellious denim outsider, according to Quartz data reported by NSS Magazine in 2022,. Now, thanks to the passing of time, wearing skinny jeans feels like a nostalgic trip down memory lane to a pre-smoking ban, indie heyday. You know what they say: fashion works in 20-year cycles. Do you feel old yet? 

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