New year, new skincare routine: the shopping guide

New year, new skincare routine: the shopping guide

by Robyn Pullen
9 min

What better time to reset your life, habits, gym membership, and skincare routine than the start of a new year? Here’s our shopping guide featuring a wide range of products that will have your skin hydrated, nourished, and glowing before Valentine’s Day hits. Because we know that getting out of a skincare slump was in all of our New Year’s Resolutions.

Knowing exactly which products are best for your skin isn’t as easy as it sounds though, so if you struggle with this then check out Renude. Renude is the skincare science meets data science service that uses AI-generated dermatologist level advice to figure out exactly what your skin needs, so you don’t have to. Check out Renude’s skincare quiz here, but before that here are our personal recs.

Herbar Skin Pearls – £39.01 / $49.52

Herbar, the beauty brand using mushrooms to heal your skin from the inside out, knows that skincare isn’t just surface level; it goes deeper than you think. That’s where its adaptogenic supplements, Skin Pearls, come in, a mushroom-based tablet designed to combat high stress levels, fatigue, and skin dullness. The pills come packed with 1 month’s worth of vitamins B3, B12, and C; your skin will thank you for popping two of these a day.


THE GREY Daily Face Protect with SPF50 – £60.00 / $76.16

THE GREY is the skincare brand quietly revolutionising the world of men’s cosmetics one product at a time, and its high protection facial sun cream is at the forefront of this. Whilst many people wouldn’t consider sun cream skincare, it’s actually a valuable part of anyone’s skincare routine that can’t be skipped. That’s why THE GREY’s Daily Face Protect, an ultra-light formulation that leaves no shininess or residue, and has SPF50, is essential.


Fussy Natural Body Bar Pack – £15.00 / $19.04

Fussy is the skincare brand on a mission to banish single-use plastic from your bathroom, and its Natural Body Bar Pack is the first step to getting there – or the first two. The pack is complete with the perfect pair, a body wash bar designed to hydrate and nourish, and an exfoliating bar for leaving you glowing. Available in two scents, Cloud Nine Fresh and Tropic Tonic Lemon, the bars smell as good as it feels knowing they’re not putting plastic anywhere it shouldn’t be.


Bourii Grounding Vata Body Oil – £62.00 / $78.70

One of the biggest skincare trends predicted for 2024 is more of a focus on looking after the full body, and Bourii’s body oils hone in on this perfectly. Bourii’s hand-blended, nourishing multipurpose oil is designed to ground the mind and body through aromatherapeutic, using a blend of sweet orange, rose, myrrh, and vanilla to gently ease tension and anxious thoughts. Whether you’re using it as a scalp/hair, beard oil, facial cleanser, or body and bathing oil, Bourii’s Grounding Vata Body Oil is what your skin’s been craving.


Patricks SL1 Superleggera Moisturiser – £70.00 / $88.85

Patricks is a cosmetics brand that started out as an award-winning barber shop, and quickly became one of the most competitive skincare brands catering to men right now. Its crash tested range of skincare essentials cover every base needed for revamping your skincare routine this January, including the ultimate SL1 Superleggera moisturiser, with mattifying technology. Not only does it hydrate without oiliness, but it also reduces the visibility of dark lines, fatigue, and dark circles.


The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 (60ml) – £13.90 / $17.64

If you haven’t heard the term “hyaluronic acid” yet this winter, listen up because it’s the skincare saviour every expert has been talking about. Targeting dryness and treating your skin with smoothing and plumping qualities, The Ordinary’s clean, water-based formula is perfect for treating dry or undernourished skin against the dropping temperatures, with its high-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid molecules and a next-generation HA crosspolymer targeting multiple layers of your skin. 


Earl of East Shinrin-Yoku All Over Oil – £55.00 / $69.81

Earl of East is a skincare and self-care brand dedicated to creating a routine that doesn’t just nourish on a surface level, but relaxes you from the inside out. That’s why its Shinrin-Yoku All Over Oil is more than functional, but also taps into the emotional journey of unwinding. Scented with a blend of cedarwood, juniper and black pepper, the body oil aims to replicate the therapeutic practice of forest bathing, and leaves you feeling calm and grounded as well as silky smooth. It’s like a spa experience in a bottle, but the added benefits of smoothing, reviving, and protecting your skin.


Beauty Pie Cooling Gua Sha – £19.00 / $24.12

Whether you’ve experienced the transformative effects of using a gua sha to sculpt your face or not, Beauty Pie’s cooling gua sha has other properties that make it essential to add to your updated skincare routine. Not only does it promise to unearth lost cheekbones and firm up your jawline, but the gua sha also releases tension and reduces puffiness due to its cooling qualities. Using a blend of Chinese wisdom and modern technology to tone, define, relax, and de-puff your face, using a gua sha should be your New Year’s Resolution. Trust me, it works.


THE GREY Comfort+ Face Cream £75.00 / $95.20

As a skincare brand catering to men, THE GREY accepts that its male audience wants its products to do more with less effort on their part. That’s why it’s Comfort+ face cream is multifunctional, acting as a moisturising, hydrating, anti-aging, skin-barrier building miracle serum designed to meet all of your skincare needs. Its restorative formula instantly relieves dry and sensitive skin, reversing and preventing visible signs of ageing.


Horace Purifying Face Cleanser – £13.00 / $16.50

Horace is a skincare brand that understands the male market on another level, and one of the ways it does so is by reducing its skincare regimes to the minimum. Forget eighteen-step routines; Horace’s tried, tested, and approved five steps are all you need to follow to keep your skin nourished and hydrated for the whole of 2024. The first step of five is “Cleanse” and it features one product: Horace’s Purifying Face Cleanser, a straightforward purifying cleanser that you can use morning, evening, or whenever else you want. With this, you’re one (out of five) steps closer to the skin of your dreams.


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