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by Ava Howard



by Ava Howard

Model and influencer, Rubi Ward, may only be 18 – but yet she is already smashing industry standards. Working recently with photographer Will Beach, the duo produced a captivating editorial shoot – overflowing with out-of-this world outfits and dazzling makeup looks.

The shots featured a red, carpeted background – with Rubi sporting a number of fantastically curated and vibrant looks. While others operated with a darker background and played with silk headscarves and colourfully printed blazers. The angles were unique, adopting the use of movement and close up shots.

It was about time we met with Rubi to get to know a bit about her and what it is that makes her tick. From hunting for charity shop gems to how she got started in modelling – this is Rubi Ward.

Will Beach ©

Starting off simply – tell me a bit about yourself, what would you say gets your engines running?  

I have just moved to London, so really anything creative gets my engines running. I love working on social media – posting and producing content. I spend a lot of time reading and skateboarding, but mainly it’s all about having my own downtime. I am quite an introvert, so spending time alone and unwinding is important to me. 

How did your career start out? Was modelling something you always knew you wanted to do, or did someone tell you that you have what it takes?  

I never really thought of doing modelling, ever. My ex-boyfriend at the time, he had started modelling – so I attended a shoot with him one time and everyone there was just trying to sign me. I was then signed by an agency, but in the end, they weren’t really the best fit for me. I did know then that I did want to get into modelling because I loved it – so, I found the ‘Anti-Agency’ and built a relationship with them and I signed with them last June.

Will Beach ©

You have already worked with some major brands like Tommy Hilfiger – is there another brand you’d love to work with, or whose shoots you’ve really enjoyed in the past?  

I’d have to say Mugler – they did a campaign with Bella Hadid recently which I really enjoyed and probably also Prada. I would love to find myself working in high fashion and being a part of those kinds of shoots.

Your style is pretty unique – where do you look for pieces to keep your wardrobe fresh and happy?  

Charity shops – 100%. For the last four or five years, they’re all I have been going to, to get new clothes – and it just has always worked. Anything I have that is unique or different has always been second-hand. I’m not saying that I am ahead of the trends but I seem to keep finding stuff I like before they become popular.

Will Beach ©

Your Spotify is pretty elite – how do you discover new music to keep your playlists juicy? 

There’s this feature on Spotify that updates with new music weekly, I spent a lot of time looking through that. I always go on sprees on the app, get lost in it and spend a couple of hours just finding new music. It is a really great downtime. 

You recently did a shoot with photographer Will Beach & the images are insanely striking – which of the fits did you love the most?  

It is quite hard to describe – it looked like something out of Star Trek. It was red and beige, and I had red hair – that would have to be my favourite. I loved looking like an alien character, it was really cool.

Will Beach ©

What was it like to work with Will and what was the atmosphere like on set? 

It was sick – he is by far my favourite photographer that I have ever worked with. He was so professional but also so chill – normally they can be quite pushy but Will just has it. He was so nice to work with and made sure to cater to everybody’s needs. The team was so lively and the stylist mainly works on art focused projects so he really brought that energy to the set. 

What was the inspiration behind the shoot? What was the vibe you were trying to achieve?  

Will had a mood board and it was focussed on a lot of textures and colours. We wanted to work with sort of weirder stuff, but also keep the shoot editorial and preppy. It was very different to anything I have done before.

Will Beach ©

How do you hype yourself up before a shoot – or what do you do to get yourself in the right headspace? 

I just have to remind myself that I have done this a billion times before – I am not really going to do anything wrong because I can’t really. I just try to have fun – most of the time it is just a good day out, dressing up and doing makeup, so what’s not to love? 

You have been modelling for a couple of years now – so as a seasoned professional do you have any advice for someone trying to break into the industry? 

Never give up with trying to find an agency, and I mean never! I know people that have applied to ten agencies and they have been signed to the biggest one. There are opportunities everywhere and it’s just about grabbing the right one. Always have confidence in yourself and your ability – I never thought I was good looking enough to model but things changed… and here I am!

Will Beach ©

Thinking of the younger you – who influenced you?  Were you always deeply creative or were there influencers who kickstarted your interest in fashion?

When I was younger I wasn’t majorly creative – I did gymnastics so I was very sporty and focused mainly on that. I was in secondary school and I started dressing differently to everyone else and I was getting into charity shop shopping and no one really got my vibe – and then something just clicked. I realised I could just do what I want – there wasn’t anyone telling me I couldn’t. That’s how I started to build my confidence and find myself, and my creativity.  


You are currently studying at Fashion Retail Academy, what made you want to study fashion management and where do you see your career developing?

So I have kind of taken a step back from the course as it isn’t what really interests me – if anything I really enjoy fashion communication. Modelling has made me realise that I can stand on my own two feet. I did learn a lot from the course, I met loads of great people – but now I feel that I can go and do something with it rather than exclusively working for someone else.

Will Beach ©



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