We all want to sleep with Rick Owens

We all want to sleep with Rick Owens

by Ollie Cox
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Rick Owens is known for his monochrome gothic aesthetic, which has resulted in him being crowned “The Lord of Darkness.” However, the eponymous label of the California-born designer is known off the catwalk, too, with its distinctive furniture designs, only adding to the buzz around the brand. 

Spearheaded by Owens’ wife and muse, Michèle Lamy, the brand began to design furniture in 2007. One of its most coveted items is the Alabaster bed, crafted from delicate stone mixed with concrete for an ornate, unmoving sculpture-like installation. Thanks to their premium material construction, these beds don’t come cheap, but even if you have a spare six figures, finding the space to install one is still a challenge. This was a struggle faced by rapper Travis Scott, who ran into issues when trying to fit the art piece-cum-bed in his Brentwood mansion. 

At Owens’ home in Italy, he uses vintage army blankets for insulation, reflecting the utilitarianism seen throughout his work. When it comes to interior design, his own line of homeware draws on brutalism and German World War II bunkers. These fortified, smooth-sided military defence structures were crafted from thick, industrial-strength concrete and possess a seldom-appreciated beauty. 

Earlier this year, Owens designed a hybrid bed-bunker, of sorts, as part of his contribution to the Moncler Art Of Genius project. Attendees could clamber their way into Owens’ trendy brutalist tomb to the tumultuous thumping of a techno soundtrack. 

It’s not just beds that the fashion mogul lends his hands to, crafting other homewares, including lamps, daybeds and chairs. Unlike other well-known designs, such as Pierre Paulin’s Dune Sofa, Rick Owens’ furniture doesn’t focus on comfort and moves away from the cocoon of convenience we shroud ourselves in every day. 

Rick Owens’ furniture is a continuation of the designer’s signature brand of brutalist design seen on the catwalk, with an unperishing permanence, free from the fast pace of fashion.

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