Oditi (FKA PROSPECT 100) is the new home of design briefs

Oditi (FKA PROSPECT 100) is the new home of design briefs

by Robyn Pullen
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PROSPECT 100, the London-based design platform pushing emerging creatives into the spotlight, wants its growing community of designers – and any more looking to get involved – to know that its rebranding as Oditi. 

In case you’re not familiar, Oditi (formally known as PROSPECT 100) is an industry secret used by creatives to get their work out there – and get paid. Whether your speciality is graphic design, illustration, branding, fashion, art, industrial, or typography, PROSPECT 100’s online platform hosts briefs set by brands that anyone can enter a submission to work on, and link to your own profile.

For example, its latest design brief offered creatives the change to “design a merch collaboration with LP,” and relies on user voting (and judges including the likes of Kendall Jenner and Kate Moss) to pick the best one. Already, the new site has been signed up to by 25,000 creatives, and that number’s still rapidly growing, so don’t miss out on accessing the platform’s opportunities.

Inspired by David Bowie’s iconic track, “Space Oddity,” the rebrand is set to be a huge step for Oditi. As co-founder Harry Beard puts it, “[David Bowie’s] “Space Oddity” is legendary, and I particularly love the word ‘oddity’. PROSPECT 100 was founded on the premise that we believe the best ideas can come from anyone, anywhere. We are constantly looking to support anomalous ideas.”

Whilst PROSPECT 100’s rebrand to Oditi doesn’t change its ethos in the industry, given it still aims to support new-gen creatives in being a part of incredible opportunities with global brands, it does want you to take note of the update. Watch this space and keep an eye out for upcoming briefs from Oditi by hitting this link.

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