LA meets London in the POLITE WORLDWIDE x Forestalgia collection

LA meets London in the POLITE WORLDWIDE x Forestalgia collection

by Ollie Cox
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LA-based fashion label POLITE WORLDWIDE has teamed up with British design studio Forestalgia for a limited edition capsule. The collaboration is titled “FRIENDS OF FRIENDS,” and inspired by the spirit of camaraderie, unity, creativity and personal growth. 

The collection is rooted in the sense of community that sport provides, with its ability to connect individuals and teams. This sports-rooted sensibility is seen in the product offering, which sees American football-style Practice Jerseys in two-tone British Racing Green and Royal Blue colourways, complete with logo branding on the front and rear. Releasing alongside the jerseys is a silk and nylon hand-knotted friendship bracelet, finished with a single freshwater round white pearl.

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Campaign shots show the jerseys worn on the beach against the backdrop of a hazy horizon, nodding to the Los Angeles roots of the POLITE WORLDWIDE brand. Later looks see the collaborative clobber worn in the British countryside, channelling the creative output of London-based Forestalgia and reflecting the cross-continent roots of the project. Close-up images showcase the bracelet’s detailing in snaps which feature the streamlined bodywork of a Porsche, furthering the juxtaposition of manmade and natural beauty. In campaign videos, the spirit of togetherness is reflected through scenes depicting two young wearers connecting as the sun sets over the sea.

POLITE WORLDWIDE was founded with the intention of bringing luxury products to life through a series of environmentally friendly processes. The brand’s reputation for quality has led to a famous fan base, including A$AP Rocky, Rihanna and Justin Bieber, amongst other high-profile wearers. POLITE WORLDWIDE’s attention to detail and focus on producing quality products lends itself nicely to its latest collaboration with Forestalgia. The London-based design studio is committed to crafting unique products and activations which connect common values between global communities. 

The POLITE WORLDWIDE x Forestalgia Capsule will be available to pre-order from November 1-11 on the POLITE WORLDWIDE website

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