How Our Legacy Modernised Menswear 

How Our Legacy Modernised Menswear 

by Ollie Cox
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When Jockum Hallin and Cristopher Nying founded Our Legacy in 2005 before later being joined by Richardos Klarén, the trio carefully curated a brand of modern menswear. 

A quick look at Our Legacy’s product offering will show structured suiting presented alongside slashed denim and dyed poplin shirts, which at first seem like disparate ends of the ready-to-wear spectrum, but are intrinsic to the brand’s DNA. 

Growing up, Hallin immersed himself in the hardcore and skateboarding scenes in Stockholm, often looking to the styles and sounds emanating from America. In turn, this sense of belonging has found its way into the clothing produced and the way it is presented.

Both Nying and Hallin design pieces based on their time spent thrifting and trawling through military surplus stores, fabled treasure troves for those looking for a sense of subcultural belonging. This is blended with a considered approach to traditional menswear, where relaxed tailoring, ties and leather footwear feature amongst worn-effect denim and chunky silver accessories. 

A quick look at the brand’s “Core” collection, which consists of its staple Camion Boots, the square-toed style that fashionable folk can’t get enough of, as well as distressed “printed” denim, which brings Our Legacy’s experimentalism to the fore. Knitwear, tailored outerwear and sling bags also make it into the offering, which serves as a brief introduction to the label’s cohesive offering rooted in a combined set of influences.

This experimentation is inherent to Our Legacy’s appeal, a brand which describes itself as existing in the junction between the “familiar and irregular,” where sartorial elegance and rugged style codes are fused with a single stitch or the cut of a neckline. 

In 2022, Our Legacy subverted the codes of menswear through a tailoring capsule crafted from recycled fabrics. Outerwear was cut short, resulting in boxy short jackets akin to military wear, nodding to the surplus store steals that informed Hallin and Nying’s youth uniform. 

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Much like subculture, Our Legacy is often described as having a “cult-like” following, thanks to its loyal fanbase. However, the brand is stocked worldwide and has firmly caught the attention of the fashion crowd. However, despite the ever-growing popularity of the label, Our Legacy continues to show its collections privately, sharing videos of shows on social media and in showrooms during Milan Fashion Week. 

This approach solidifies its unique positioning in the fashion ecosystem, where rather than showing collections in an all-out spectacle, it encourages people to enjoy its products and activations slowly, eyeing up the details close-up. This season, Our Legacy’s “Feast” presentation saw clothing and accessories displayed against the backdrop of an intimate dinner shared with warm company, which was modelled by an inclusive cast of friends of the brand. This storytelling offers wearers something more than clothing, speaking to shared experiences and giving meaning to the pieces people wear.  

Last year saw a luxury link-up between the label’s WORK SHOP line and Emporio Armani. The rare collaborative project resulted in the Stockholm label looking to classic ‘90s menswear to inform an extensive exploration into the Emporio Armani archives. Highlights included red leather car coats and some typically solid outerwear, including shearling jackets, overcoats, and blousons. It was a marrying of two design legacies which blended a nearly 50-year-old Emporio Armani with Our Legacy’s forward-thinking approach to menswear, which is subversive, exciting and rooted in wearability. 

It is precisely this approach, anchored in authenticity and crafted with functionality in mind, that has meant Our Legacy has quietly built up a cult of supporters. Thanks to a carefully curated clawing back of tradition, paired with a playful approach to design, Our Legacy’s refined ready-to-wear output has modernised menswear. 

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