“No hablo TikTok”: the fashion brands speaking our language

“No hablo TikTok”: the fashion brands speaking our language

by Robyn Pullen
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“Do you speak TikTok?” If you’re a high fashion brand, probably not.

Back in 2022, TikTok overtook Google to become the most visited website ever, and the fashion industry’s ears pricked up. But what they didn’t expect was for TikTok to be so different from what they’re used to: its uncharted land for brands, where babies that wanna go to the Four Seasons Orlando go viral but editorial shoots get 800 views.

@marcjacobs She escaped… @Alex Consani ♬ original sound – marcjacobs

From Chick-Fil-A sauce to skibidi toilet, TikTok speaks a language that brands don’t really get. For fashion houses, posting on Gen Z’s favourite app means ditching everything they learnt at marketing school and swapping curated posts and in-depth captions for videos of Jojo Siwa chasing people down alleys with the simple caption “slay.”

There are however a few brands that have got the hang of it. Burberry was one of the first, with its @sylvaniandrama collab back in 2022, which enlisted the viral account making videos of cheating scandals played out by Sylvanian Families to promote its Lola Bag. The TikTok video went viral overnight, and other brand’s took notes.

@sylvaniandrama @Burberry #Lolabag #burberry #ad #omgburberrycollab ♬ Ronda Alla Turca – Mozart

Then, in March 2023, Loro Piana collaborated with @gstaadguy’s alter-ego – the polo wearing, yacht owning, golf playing character ‘Constance’ – to create a series of TikToks on why “Loro Piana cashmere is more valuable than gold.” Loro Piana’s vids once again proved that being unserious on TikTok is the way to go and, believe it or not, it can get more unserious than Gstaad Guy.

Since then, Marc Jacobs has fast become fashion’s resident TikTok expert, posting viral video after viral video, working with TikTok creators like DJ Mandy, Noah Miller, and Gina Lynn a.k.a. Chick-Fil-A sauce girl. From clips of model Alex Consani thrashing about in a pool on set to @nates.vibe rolling his hips to Tinashe’s “Nasty” in a full Marc Jacobs fit, Marc Jacobs’ TikTok is the blueprint. Even Marc himself has been getting in on the action, making a cameo in a video where he’s serenaded by Harry Daniels (the TikTok creator who sings to celebrities).

@jacquemus I drop my nike soon 🙂#jacquemus ♬ i dropped my wallet – jacob 🕷️

Marc Jacobs isn’t the only brand with TikTok on lock though. In only the past couple weeks, Jacquemus posted a viral video that’s a play on a current trend ahead of its upcoming Nike collab, and LOEWE’s been dropping content with @ceilingfanCEO and @stefanobelottiii. Comments like “Give the social media person a raise,” and “okayyy marketing ✨,” are evidence enough that the content’s doing well, but if that isn’t evidence enough, the views reaching well over a million should be.

Although there are still those that miss the mark (like Alexander Wang’s new campaign featuring fake Kylie Jenner: the Walmart versions of celebs, if you will) it seems like overall fashion’s finally getting the hand of TikTok. Here’s hoping the Four Seasons Orlando baby gets their high fashion collab next!

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