The MSCHF “Super Baby” sneaker comes Lana Rhoades-approved

The MSCHF “Super Baby” sneaker comes Lana Rhoades-approved

by Ollie Cox
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MSCHF’s latest sneaker is a playful take on a chunky runner, named the “Super Baby,” thanks to its nostalgic, graphic-heavy profile. The retro release, which sees Lana Rhoades star in the campaign, will be available in three colourways: A White/Red “Oscar,” a White/Yellow/Green/Blue/Red “Ollie,” and a White/Pink/Iridescent “Olivia” style. 

The “Oscar” makes use of an all-white leather upper and midsole, with a contrasting red “MSCHF” and “Baby” patch on the left and right sneaker. The “Ollie” consists of a paint-splatter hue, nodding to the golden days of art attack. The “Olivia” colourway sees an iridescent grey and silver upper steal the show, where contrast is provided through pink laces and branded accents. 

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In a campaign as cool as the sneakers, online personality Lana Rhoades dons the platform shoe alongside her son, Milo, against the backdrop of toy cars, Wendy’s houses, and slides. Milo wears his pair with Jorts and a white Tee, giving any TikTok Blue Posts boys a run for their money. Rhoades is pictured a rotation of wigs in various cuts and colours posing against the child-friendly furniture. 

The MSCHF “Super Baby” continues the American art collective’s attention-grabbing output, which fuses contemporary fashion with the cartoons and video games of our childhood. This was seen earlier this year with the release of the opinion-dividing “Big Red Boots” which have seen subsequent launches in black and a yellow Crocs-style construction. 

The MSCHF “Super Baby” sneaker will drop on December 5 through a draw at 2 p.m. EST on the MSCHF website and via the MSCHF Sneakers App. 

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