Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO Fall/Winter 2024 was a trip back in time 

Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO Fall/Winter 2024 was a trip back in time 

by Ollie Cox
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Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO took a trip down memory lane for Fall/Winter 2024, with a collection rooted in the childhood admiration of adulthood. The show offered a retrospective look at brand founder Mihara Yasuhiro’s past, which felt purposeful as the label neared its 20th anniversary, first being founded in 2004. 

As the show got underway, the first to grace the catwalk were not models but cheerleaders, who lined the runway and performed in tandem with a thumping techno soundtrack. The colourful uniforms of cheerleaders contrasted with heavy music which filled the room, where the tension between childhood and adulthood played out visually. 

When asked to describe the story behind the show, Yasuhiro referred to it as the “sublime meets the ridiculous,” which arrived at the intersection between old and young. As models took to the runway, weathered tailoring was cut to oversized proportions, gently enveloping its wearer’s hands, a design detail which featured throughout. This intentionally enlarged sizing created an unpredictable rhythm to the clothing as models strode down the runway, 

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The collection saw the brand’s signature Blakey sneaker return to the runway in a high and low version, which subtly contrasted with the delicate stilettos that anchored a selection of womenswear looks. 

Oversized hoodies extended from the hemlines of structured denim jackets worn over the top, reflecting the tension between childhood and adulthood. When it came to accessories, models carried leather bags in the shape of dinosaurs and teddy bears, something which stems from Yashurio’s adult experiences. “I have a son who is four years old, and he is now fed up with all of the teddy bears. He is more interested in train toys. Now I’m an adult, I’m interested in teddy bears and dinosaurs, so it is the reverse effect.” 

Jackets were finished with billowing proportions, extending at the rear as models walked. Styles ranged from muted silver puffer jackets to shimmering padded overcoats and bomber jackets. Sleeves hung loose, extending well beyond the model’s arms in keeping with the supersized display. 

For Fall/Winter 2024, Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO explored the tension between young and old, presented through plays with proportion, sizing and in the show space itself, taking us on a reflective journey that looked the naivety of childhood straight in the eye. 

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