Key features from Dior’s romantic Haute Couture show

Key features from Dior’s romantic Haute Couture show

by Robyn Pullen
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Despite coming from a generation of people who simply don’t care that much about getting married, Dior’s Autumn Winter 2023-2024 Haute Couture show has us queuing for the altar just for a chance to wear one of those floor-length, white gowns. The show featured an array of pooling dresses and tailored sets in white, cream, gold, silver, and sage; but here are the five most iconic features of the collection.

Nature was rooted throughout

The theme of nature was evident even from the start as audiences took their seats facing giant, hung tapestries adorned with images of leafy green foliage amidst depictions of people, peacocks, horses, deer, and cats.

This was reflected in the collection itself which showcased a variety of looks embroidered with shimmering sequin embellishments in gold, sage green, and silver, depicting various swirling floral patterns. Ivy-embroidered bodices were layered over white gowns and sweeping, mesh dresses were covered with a layer of interlocking, gold branches.


Dior gowns have a place in our hearts

If there was one aspect of the collection that took centre stage, it was the colour white. A stark white, cascading gown with flowing sleeves that swished below the model’s fingertips opened the show, and was followed by a flurry of white looks in varying materials, styles, and aesthetics.

Pleated cream shirts were tailored expertly, whilst soft dresses in Grecian silk floated past. Whether intentional or not, the collection’s heavy use of white made Dior’s show reminiscent of a wedding, and was just as romantic if you ask us.


Accessorised with pearl-drops

Almost every look was accessorised with gold jewellery reminiscent of twisting golden vines which wrapped around model’s necks or hung from their wrists, and each piece was decorated with a single, hanging, tear-drop shaped pearl. Earrings were asymmetrical, with only one of each model’s earrings featuring the tear-drop style pearl, juxtaposing the uniformity of the collection’s looks.


The texture of hard vs. soft femininity 

Texture was a key aspect of the collection, with different textures evoking unique aesthetics. On one hand, flowing, mesh dresses were a display of Dior’s delicate, soft feminine aesthetic, with flashes of model’s underwear opaquely visible through the shimmering fabric.

However, this was subverted by heavier fabrics, such as stiff, tailored jackets and glinting, gold and silver chainmail details draped over dresses which conveyed a sense of strength and power.


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