Juergen Teller opens an exhibition at the Triennale Milano backed by Saint Laurent

Juergen Teller opens an exhibition at the Triennale Milano backed by Saint Laurent

by Juliette Eleuterio
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The legendary fashion photographer known for his candid shots of anyone who’s anyone in the industry, Juergen Teller, is hosting his “i need to live” exhibition at this year’s Triennale Milano, now open until April 1, sponsored by Saint Laurent.

The exhibition was first opened at the Grand Palais Éphémère in Paris between December of last year and January of this year, also receiving the support from Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccallero. Now heading to Milan for the Triennale art and design museum, the exhibition traces back into Teller’s life’s work, with iconic images with subjects spanning from Kim Kardashian on a dirt hill, a naked Vivienne Westwood, and of course, the Yves Saint Laurent Paris 2000 © Juergen Teller image.

As well as images, the “i need to live” exhibition will also showcase new photography as well as videos and installations. Walking a fine line between the humorous and the grotesque, the beautiful and the weird, Teller has been working with his wife, Dovile Drizyte, for the past five years, giving birth to a charming creative partnership.

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Creative Director of Saint Laurent Anthony Vaccarello, a close collaborator of Teller’s, said “Juergen Teller is a tremendous photographer whose intelligence, humor, and respect make his work a veritable introspective game, where flashbacks are both tributes and allusions to the founding myths of the Maison Yves Saint Laurent. Our collaborative work for Saint Laurent is all about the search for origins as a creative driving force.”

On top of the exhibition, Juergen Teller has also released a book of the same name, which includes photos from the exhibition as well as text by Teller himself, Vaccarello, and more industry figures. Saint Laurent also released a collaborative lifestyle collection with the photographer, spanning from homeware and vinyls to clothing and accessories, all available on ysl.com.

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