JJJJound’s collab with Crocs is SSSSound!

JJJJound’s collab with Crocs is SSSSound!

by Ollie Cox
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JJJJound, the Montreal-based design studio headed by Justin R. Saunders, has teased a collaboration with the most divisive shoe in footwear at the moment – Crocs. In typical JJJJound style, the mules were first teased on Instagram, pressing against a branded dust bag and dividing the comments, as expected with the controversy-causing crep. 

Whether you think Crocs should be reserved for taking the bins out and the feet of those performing surgical and culinary procedures, or you’re a comfy shoe convert, a collaboration with the illusive JJJJound is something to get excited about. 

Teased in a white colourway that your dentist will love, with more colours set to be announced, the JJJJound x Crocs are a surefire way to let the world know you’re an IYKYK minimalist with exceptional taste and seemingly never-ending pockets (we see you JJJJound with your $45 sponge cloth). 

JJJJound ©

JJJJound launched in 2006 as a digital mood board intended to examine the recurring patterns in timeless design, which aimed to serve as a reference for the design community.  After moving away from text, it became an entity that positioned the brand as a trailblazer in image curation for the pre-Instagram era. Saunders is the brains behind the brand but allows the product and curation to do the talking, keeping a relatively low profile compared to his pals, which include Givenchy’s Creative Director, Matthew M. Williams

The Canadian label has since blossomed into a collaborative design studio that aims to inspire through multiple channels “through the fabrication of items with purpose and longevity, through the design and construction of meaningful and physical environments.” 

The collaborative spirit of JJJJound has extended into a range of lifestyle products, from vintage-inspired mountain bikes finished with suede saddles and a racing green paint job to wooden chopping boards. If you need it, JJJJound has likely made it or collaborated with someone who has. 

JJJJound ©

In recent years, the brand has been behind collaborations with several sneaker brands, from New Balance, Vans, Reebok and Salomon, to name a few. Saunders was into New Balance before the bulk of the Boston-based shoemaker’s current fan base would even consider wearing them, proving his ability to coin trends. 

Elsewhere, JJJJound has consistently worked with Vans (a favourite amongst minimalists), providing a refreshing take on classic styles every couple of years, with silhouettes such as the Sk8-Mid, Old Skool and Authentic each getting a makeover. In a recent campaign to promote its muted Sk8-Mid, the speaker sorcerer behind Supreme’s in-store sound systems and multi-disciplinary creative, Devon Turnbull featured amongst the talent. Turnbull himself has collaborated with JJJJound, releasing co-branded OJAS (Turnbull’s creative pen name) tees to celebrate his London listening room event.

JJJJound ©

Unlike other brands whose name appears on the sidewalls of sneakers, JJJJound does not operate from a physical store, choosing to operate online and through a series of pop-ups. Kids don’t line up for this product, instead, the brand has been built up slowly, setting itself apart, as a beacon of good taste. 

Saunders’ brand and thoughtful approach to design has set him apart from the pack as a reliable aesthete and multifaceted tastemaker from interior design to footwear. The brand understood the assignment before Instagram, fully grasping the power of creating an aesthetic (albeit an extremely low-key one), which has naturally progressed JJJJound’s identity and brand ethos. 

JJJJound ©

Its latest collaboration with Crocs could be its most minimal one yet. They arrive at a time when the foam clog is undergoing wild reimaginations as part of a fashionable revival, and JJJJound is putting forward the case that less really is more. 

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