The third time’s a charm: Jennie and Gentle Monster launch the Jentle Salon 

The third time’s a charm: Jennie and Gentle Monster launch the Jentle Salon 

by Ollie Cox
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Gentle Monster and Jennie Kim have joined forces for another internet-breaking collaboration. Here’s the lowdown, in case you missed our magical unicorn unboxing last week: the collection moves beyond simply eyewear, thanks to the cool charms that come with the glasses, allowing each wearer to make the frames their own with a unique style statement. 

The collection comprises eight different frames, which can be customised at the temple, and 11 charms that speak to Jennie’s playful yet detail-oriented style. In the run-up to the release, Jennie could be seen unboxing the styles with the help of a friendly unicorn. The clip also shows her trying on different styles, including clear-lensed office core-esque specs and sporty sunglasses. Inside the package, each style is concealed from within a fluffy pink tray, where glasses, charms, and even uniform accessories can be found in semi-concealed compartments. 

In a striking campaign lensed by artist and photographer Petra Collins, Jennie is pictured bringing pieces from the capsule to life, sporting sunglasses accessorised with charms from the collection. The series showcases the versatility of each product, which sees varying lenses applied to the glasses to ensure they can be worn in a variety of settings. 

Jennie and Gentle Monster have previously collaborated on the “Jentle Home” series, inspired by her childhood memories. The latest collaboration builds on the themes of nostalgia seen previously, tapping into fantasy, escapism and magic, seen in animations which bring charms to life, and via its playful unboxing videos.

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The Jennie x Gentle Monster Jentle Salon collection will be released globally via Gentle Monster on Wednesday, May 1. 

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