GCDS made Chucky Child’s Play high fashion for Fall/Winter 2024

GCDS made Chucky Child’s Play high fashion for Fall/Winter 2024

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2023 was the year of the doll, thanks to the all-engrossing Barbie movie, but GCDS is saying no more for Fall/Winter 2024. Teasing us with a Polly Pocket for a show invite, the show took an entirely different turn, scrapping the thin-and-pretty plastics for the eerie killer Chucky.

The set was draped with blood-red curtains, as show attendees Tyga, the Elevator Boys, the Clermont Twins, Sita Abellán, Benji Krol, and Sabrina Bahsoon filled up the darkly lit space. One crew member was walking around holding a Chucky Child’s Play doll, with its bloody knife in hand, hinting at the horror story to come.

The collectio, titled “Toys For Adults” started with looks which were rooted in a white colour palette – floral organza-adorned bottoms, coquette-style underwear-shorts, and large floor-grazing trench coats – implying the virgin, pure nature of the main character of a slasher film, before the haunting commences. As looks went on, greys and black were thrown into the mix. In one outfit, a pleated black veil was laid upon a model’s head, who was wearing a structural dress with extended shoulder and hip pads, as if darkness was slowly taking over her, as it was us.

Just like a light switch, the offering switched to dark all of a sudden, with a patented leather jacket and cargo trouser-combo, fully embracing the evil spirit of Chucky, without explicitly showing it. With a logo-less and graphic-less commencement to this collection, GCDS created a lingering sense of tension, while also creating a series of staple and statement pieces the random passerby would be ignorant of its murderous doll ties.

Because it’s GCDS the classic, quieter looks were quickly replaced with monogrammed and branded coats and graphic tees. One varsity-style jacket was matched with a graphic red tie, and vampire-mouth adorned dip-dyed trousers, tapping into that kooky, Milan-edginess, nightlife-inspired aesthetic it is known for.

Finally, the guest of honour Chucky made its appearance on a hoodie, combined with a slanted skirt, opaque black tights, and full-length leather glove, demanding command and calling upon the dark forces. The hoodie also read “I’m your friend to the end,” adding an air of frightening mystique to the look.

A series of crimson and red-toned looks followed, a visual representation of the bloodbath that follows a demonic encounter. One standout look in particular, a full red look, featured a mesh ruffled long-sleeved crop top, matching bikini-cut shorts with tights and below-the-know socks, finished off with a sparkling extra-long scarf – drama, clothes-ified.

The show closed off with a series of dark looks, signalling the evil spirit of Chucky spared no lives and left no survivors. Once again, GCDS gave us a story with A to Z, filled with sartorial cues for us to weave together, which would have been a full-on nightmare, if it weren’t for the clothing offering being so drop-dead gorgeous.

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