From Kendrick to Drake, here’s the celebrity finstas you need to follow

From Kendrick to Drake, here’s the celebrity finstas you need to follow

by Robyn Pullen
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Even celebrities want to s*** post sometimes, but where do they do it? On their glossy, promotional, managed IG account? Absolutely not. Like us, they create personal finstas where they can upload whatever random content they feel like, from blurry selfies to pics of their favourite meals. Here are the best ones you can actually follow rn, although we can’t promise they’ll accept your request.

Could Kendrick Lamar’s finsta be more than just spam?

Whilst finsta accounts aren’t exactly rare in the music world, Kendrick Lamar is one of the last celebrities we expected to have one. Kendrick Lamar has been posting under the Instagram account @jojoruski ever since June 15th, in what seems like a new era for the rap icon. Gone are the days when Kendrick was mysterious and untouchable; now his spam account’s revealing sneak peeks into every aspect of his life.

From capturing mirror selfies and fit pics to reposting blurry pictures of Michael Jackson, fans are speculating what the true purpose of Kendrick’s finsta actually is. Are the many posts of Tupac hinting at a new direction in Kendrick’s music (or fashion) style, or is it just that he happens to like these pics? Given that none of the posts have captions, we’re pretty much left wondering. 

@jojoruski ©

Drake’s finsta is for one person only: himself

Whilst we haven’t been able to certifiably confirm that the Instagram account @quilteddiamonds is run by Drake – mainly because it’s private despite having 115 posts – the account only has one follower and follows one account. Guess who it is? Yep, it’s @champagnepapi, Drake’s verified account.

We’re not quite sure why anyone would create an Instagram account to post content only they can see (isn’t that just what your phone’s camera roll is?), but it seems that Drake’s gotten a lot of use out of it. Maybe one day he’ll make it public and reveal the 115 posts he’s been hiding – knowing Drake, it’s probably pictures of raindrops sliding down windows, captioned with self-written poetry. Cringe af.

@champagnepapi ©

Fashion, music, and finsta: what isn’t Pharrell a pro at?

Music producer, rapper, fashion designer, and finsta owner Pharrell has maybe one of the most curated Instagram spam accounts on this list. Posting mainly content around his appointment at Louis Vuitton Menswear, as Creative Director, @skateboard is the place to go if you’re looking for closer looks at his collections, hopefully past and future.

Featuring everything from close-up shots of black, diamond-studded LV sneakers to the man himself sipping on a matcha latte in the studio, Pharrell’s finsta account is a must-follow if you’re even vaguely interested in fashion. We have to say the best thing about the account is the emojis Pharrell comments from his main account, @pharrell. Like a dog-mum commenting under own dog’s IG – we know it’s you Pharrell.

@skateboard ©

Lorde isn’t just a music icon, she’s an onion rings fanatic

Maybe one of the most iconic and hilarious finstas in the celebrity sphere belongs to Lorde, and she uses it to review onion rings. @onionringsworldwide is Lorde’s not-so-secret Instagram account dedicated to sourcing and reviewing the perfect onion ring. How do we know it’s her? Well, originally when people first discovered the account, it had only 24 followers which were made up of Lorde’s friends and associates – and of course, herself.

Dubbed by Lorde fans as the “Onion Ring Sandal”, the account actually went dormant a while after it was discovered, and Lorde stopped posting her poetic descriptions of the various onion rings she encounters. With the last post being from 92 whole weeks ago, we’re thinking of creating a petition to bring back Lorde’s onion ring reviews. Will you be signing?

@lorde ©

Whether it counts or not, you should defo follow Gigi’s finsta 

Is it a finsta if it’s verified? We’re not so sure… But either way, @gisposable is what started out as Gigi Hadid’s finsta, a spam account where she posts film pics of her private life. Despite its being her second account, Gigi’s disposable IG now has 440k followers mainly due to its iconic behind-the-scenes content at fashion weeks and events. 

Here you’ll find glamorous pics of some iconic celebrities, getting ready to walk a show or sipping cocktails at an after party, including pics of models Paloma Elsesser and Anok Yai, her ex-bf Zayn Malik standing in a field, Tyler the Creator and A$AP ROCKY arm-in-arm at the 2019 WSJ Innovator Awards, and of course her own sister, Bella Hadid. Whilst the last post is from 62 weeks ago, we’re holding out for some more exclusive Gigi content this September fashion week.

@gisposable ©

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