Culted Community talks: Do we hate or love Carrie Bradshaw’s pigeon bag?

Culted Community talks: Do we hate or love Carrie Bradshaw’s pigeon bag?

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A pigeon… as a bag? Well if Carrie Bradshaw wears it, it must be fashion. We reposted a clip to our TikTok of the Sex in the City reboot And Just Like That… where Sarah Jessica Parker is seen taking gum out of her JW Anderson Pigeon Clutch bag, telling a store worker to “breathe” when she notices the bag, which got over 400k views and a sh*t ton of mixed reactions.

What else could you expect from a bag that literally looks like human’s biggest enemy, a pigeon? Some of you are clearly into birds, like @fleurdumal_ commenting “NEED. THIS. BAG.”. Well we’ve got some good news for you because for the teeny tiny price of £650, it can be yours. Quick tip, if your bank provider calls you to justify this purchase, just lie.

Carrie Bradshaw is the epitome of the fashion it girl on screen, having worn so many iconic looks and pieces – still not over that Dior FW00 newspaper dress by John Galliano. A Pigeon Clutch seems like a pretty far-fetched concept on its own, but it wasn’t the design that shocked you all. As @user3104847179202 pointed out “She has this plastic pigeon but hated the swan that Big gave her”. To be fair, I would hate anything Big gave me (yes I am a Big hater and you should be too, he was toxic for Carrie).

Jumping from “I need this bag” by @bizibizidei to “That is the fugliest purse I’ve seen in my whole life” left by @jaframorga, we don’t even know what to think of the Pigeon Clutch, but we like to imagine Jonathan Anderson giggling at all these reactions.

Fashion has always had a wack side to it, so it only makes sense to see a Pigeon Clutch become the hottest accessory. To be fair though, the bag’s we’ve been seeing lately have actually been mad. MSCHF’s ludicrous – definitely not capacious – microscopic bag is just an example of the many ways these bags are trying to stand out. In JW Anderson’s case though, “that pigeon is ridiculous” according to @vandenbroeckgwennie. Ridiculously fabulous, yeah.

If anyone could pull off a hyper-realistic city creature in the form of a clutch, it would definitely be Ms Bradshaw. I mean @nicoletteshobbies said “i looked it up after this episode”, and if that doesn’t show you the sheer power and influence of SJP and her character, we don’t know what does.

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